Map of Yellowstone

Even going a few hundred yards (meters) can reveal how the sky and canyon rival each other on a beautiful evening. You can turn south (right) away from the canyon rim to pass Lily-pad Lake and continue on to Ribbon Lake or else pass Clear Lake and return There’s an unparalleled view of the many pinnacles historically called Castle Ruins. Be very careful on the trail’s steep, narrow, and slippery places, as there is no support at the canyon edge. The trail leaves the canyon rim half a mile (0.8 km) before it reaches Point Sublime to continue on to Lilypad and Ribbon lakes and to connect with the Clear Lake Trail (trailhead at Uncle Tom’s Overlook parking area).

To reach Canyon Junction and Canyon Village when leaving the South Rim Drive, go north after the bridge (that is, turn right onto the Grand Loop Road). For Fishing Bridge Junction, go south (left). 13.7/1.7 I S©(2) Brink of Upper Falls Road to the east. The short side road takes you to a parking area, where a very short walk takes you right to the top of Upper Falls, an exhilarating place to be.

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