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Up until the 1930s, shepherds would be laid to rest Kenya Map here with a scrap of raw wool in their hand, to inform St Peter that their poor Kenya Map church attendance was as a result of caring for their flocks! You may be quite reluctant to drag yourself from Alfriston to start walking, but reassure yourself that you will return to it later in the day. To begin your walk, bear left from the front of the church as you look at it, and follow the green to the banks of the Cuckmere, turning left and almost immediately arriving at the footbridge.

Cross the bridge and then turn right onto a footpath, running alongside the river on a modest embankment. You are now following the course of the South Downs Way. This path can be muddy in winter, but the surroundings are delightful, with the waters of the Cuckmere to the right and peaceful meadows to the left. Dragonflies, damselflies and swans can all be seen here.

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