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The Indians by whom I was taken were a party of Dalian Subway Map Shawnees, if I remember right, that lived, when at home, a long distance down Dalian Subway Map the Ohio. My former Indian masters and the two squaws were soon ready to leave the fort, and accordingly embarked the Indians in a large canoe, and the two squaws and myself in a small one and went down the Ohio.

When we set off, an Indian in the forward canoe took the scalps of my former friends, strung them on a pole that he placed upon his shoulder, and in that manner carried them, standing in the stern of the canoe directly before us, as we sailed down the river, to the town where the two squaws resided.

On the way we passed a Shawnee town, where I saw a number of heads, arms, legs, and other fragments of the bodies of some white people who had just been burned. The parts that remained were hanging on a pole, which was supported at each end by a crotch stuck in the ground, and were roasted or burnt black as a coal. The fire was yet burning; and the whole appearance afforded a spectacle so shocking that even to this day the blood almost curdles in my veins when I think of them.

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