This is by far the best park complete with huge bed we haven’t used that yet be very careful with that thing Thursday morning August the 25th 2018 yesterday afternoon we changed hotels we checked into the Harbor Village Hotel it’s about maybe half a mile away from buddy dive one of the only white sand beaches on bone air, and I actually heard last night from one of the guys working at the restaurant that the beach is actually fake they had to bring in the sand. Because on Bonaire it’s a coral reef, and the whole island more or less doesn’t have any natural white sand beaches beside this one, and I think a few other ones up in the north we just had a delicious breakfast and, I’m walking back to our room now through this jungle like path oh I forgot about this today is actually our first dive by ourselves. Because we’re certified now yesterday was one of the first days on the island that we didn’t go scuba diving, and jess was saying this actually we have spent more time in the water than out of the water on this trip which is as well to think. But that’s the cool thing about poner it’s such a desert island, and then you go underwater, and it is just. So vibrant, and full of life it’s it’s a cool contrast that I’ve never seen a place like this are you ready to go dive you’re not nervous are you it’s a good nervous well c’mon Baris leaf is hibari everywhere on the yellow stones you could see the names of the river it’s very nice reef.


So I want to go in very nice, and easy Shore die of shore entry should just walk over the sand bit, and pull the inflate beastie lay in the back behind you fins then I want to kind of want to check out which way the current is going then, I’m just going to go straight through the reefs Louise start over dance with ours blue spots go down want to go down to maximum of 80 meters, and then give an ID you guys please pay close anybody look at that dollar that 55 sand dollar 50 feet 50 minutes we saw turtles octopus eel I got sunscreen in my eyes squid squid flounder we just had a nice lunch right here at this place called threes, and bites it’s so convenient too. Because if you look right down there that’s Harbor Village right here is where we had our lunch you look over this way this is what we just did our dive right on that sandy beach, and then right down there in the distance is buddy dive I was just showing how you can see Harbor Village where we had the lunch now, and where we dope, and then buddy dive oh yeah makes us.

So easy to get around it’s, and it’s like a completely the reef everybody died compared to living here looks like two different places all the bed she’s just all boats to trust for us to our yard we’re accent are you speaking in right now you’re gonna say British British yeah Brendan Rodgers British I know that I was thinking would you say hi I would say it’s a villa anything. But we haven’t even shown it yet. So I don’t know I just know the noise in my head oh you want to get the tour you want me to give it are you ready show us the villa well Holloway area here your ex going to close the doors let me do not lose all the cool then you walk away moves nice art piece turn left refrigerator microwave it oh my god it’s a nice little kitchen walk through the Friday come to the main living room, and I think the funny part is is they give you this we would use that yet no we have be very careful with that thing table for eating thing yeah this what is this the television is very part this cash.

I think is like river you walk out here, and we have a nice Terrace it’s actually really large – there’s a nice echo you have a nice view of the white sand beach of the Harbor Village Ocean Club beautiful blue waters upon air this is by far the best parts this is the master bedroom complete with huge bed with the mosquito nets nice white sheets here we have the this is the post workstation I know the posts are very delayed. But this is from today this is some school action, and project oh no just hit later I never named them look at that face the face of this dress this is my favorite part as anybody who’s watched my snapchat story before when I travel knows already yeah this is the master bathroom complete with huge cloth tub in here the nice tall shower head which were everything nice, and I was wondering a shot of that normally a lot of places don’t have that tall showerhead. But I was thinking about it it’s not like super tall betch guys here anyways your shot all is baby like okay for reference Eric is 6 for this you have that nice tall one, and normally normally you only just have this little one which is great for me if you’re like five nine or shorter.

But this is me any other showers like this and, I’m like this. So we’re about to head out we have that rental car until 6 p.m. today we have here an island map of Bonior no destination we’re just gonna go for a drive we’re gonna look for flamingos take these guys all right Eric is trying to read the map at the same time here help us out where do you think we are sure than that all right this is the situation we are currently driving through the desert of a poner, and we we might be lost I have a feeling though it’s going to be a dirt road I have a feeling we’re just going to turn down this tiny dirt road. Because we’re trying to go to the NAND Grove forest to find the fat chubby flamingos alright this is us come in the lock positive easy dad alright just like I thought. So a dirt road okay what do you say there it’s prob I’d say there’s 20 fat chubby, and pink flamingos that woman was right this is the spot don’t scare them we have to approach very slowly very slowly oh my God look there’s more oh my hello there what brings you here is your donkey coming oh crap he’s coming oh he thinks we have food oh no we don’t have food all right. So we have one donkey here the main donkey, and then we have another went there, and another went back there I come oh my god Eric they’re coming in just be on the ready, I’m gonna get out, and try to pick them I don’t have any food for you baby look at the one with this stripe on his back, and I don’t even see that.

But it’s beautiful now mind you these are just wild donkeys that roam around Bonaire, and they are kind of like Bubba if you know who Bubba is he’s my mother’s an old English Bulldog that guy I could pay you right now it’s okay all right bye guys we drove a little farther now, and we are at the bay, and that’s actually a pile of conch shells right here all those are conch shells what’s your name what’s your name there look at those eyes you just call her a dirty girl she’s a dirty girl she want an ocean then went rolled in the sand let’s head on back dog groaning the stand again, and go them mr. oh dear re, and people behind here are the candid camera that’s very good thank you for helping out that’s my daughter’s go to get crazy amazing dinner, and then mojitos best mojitos I’ve ever had I forgot though they were like 24 hours mojito the owner of this restaurant is one of the nicest guys that we’ve ever met, and his daughter Megan watched the post. So Megan if you’re reading your dad gave you a little shout out I hope you have a good time, and I see I can make a car pleasure I have a good time in Borneo I have to say diving really takes a lot out of you. Because you have a nitrogen, and your muscles. So I feel like you’re already a new breed wait wait wait what let me create it. So until tomorrow everyone smile more worry less leave your passion get out, and see the world it’s time see the stars look at those stars.

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