100 Best Travel Destinations

100 Best Travel Destinations

Your dining experiences are many and memory-making. The meals have been paid for in advance; and, the open seating buffets offer a wide variety of all you can eat foods and dessert; while, the served meals in the huge, attractive main restaurants – with their first and second seatings – are unique culinary experiences.

And, if you wish to add to an already great dining experience, you can opt to fine dine in an alternative restaurant which offers a gourmet experience that’s bound to make you feel quite happy that you made the choice; though you would have incurred a cost that you might not have budgeted for.

However, at no additional cost are the after dinner, high octane, flashy, glamorous Las Vegas like shows in the great, big theatres. I have seen – on the many ships I have been on – ice skating, aerial gymnastics, Tango dancing, Broadway-like musical productions, big name performers and their imitators, some of the best magic stunts and tricks, outrageous costumes, high-tech effects, hilarious and other top quality shows that are put on twice nightly to accommodate all the passengers – the early and late dining seaters and those who chose on whatever night to skip the main restaurant and freestyle the buffet upstairs.

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Neither is there any additional cost for the late night pizzas, soups, sandwiches, coffee, tea or chocolate that you might go and order or get on the deck close to the disco or the buffet restaurant; or, the delivered meals that you might order from your stateroom

So, my suggestion is and remains – cruise! While you might not have the luxury that was afforded me -the how, where and when and the payment plan having been decided for me – a travel agent will be quite willing to help you.

You can search online for the best prices – round trip, circle or open jaw flight and cruises occurring at the same time; and, then carry that information to a travel agent to do the my blogings for you

My Panama Canal trip was open jawed in that my flight was Anguilla to San Diego where I boarded the cruise ship; but, not back to Anguilla from San Diego, but rather from Miami where I overnighted, as I had done in San Diego.

This type of travel enhances your experience; and, it might turn out to be cheaper; so, it’s important that you become familiar with the differences. By being knowledgeable through doing your own online research and my blogings – or, in working with your travel agent – you will get the best deals that will ensure the best experiences for you.

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