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Besides the clothes and shoes you wear, there are twelve essential items no well-prepared hiker should be without. These items are not listed in order of importance so don’t think you need only carry those items at the top of the list and disregard those near the bottom.

1. Candle or firestarter. A candle or firestarter, when placed under a pile of small kindling and lit, will continue to bum until the kindling ignites and begins to burn on its own. A firestarter option is cotton swabs smeared with petroleum jelly. They can be stored very compactly in a water proof container such as a plastic film canister. Besides helping to start fires they can also be used to provide relief to chapped lips.

2. Matches. Be sure they are kept in a waterproof container.

3. Compass. In order to keep yourself from becoming lost, it is very important to have a compass and a map, and know how to use them. These route-finding tools are virtually useless in the hands of someone who does not know how to use them, and indispensable to someone who does.

Another name for King Philip’s War. M©tis. Egypt Map Tourist Attractions A child of mixed French-Canadian and Native Country ancestry. Mezzotint. 1 A type of Egypt Map Tourist Attractions engraving on copper, steel, or other metal, made by drawing upon a roughened surface, and removing the roughness in places by scraping in order to create shading. 2 An engraving produced by the mezzotint process.

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