Don’t you think that is boring how people slow , I’m humiliating that Sunday morning at February the 19th 2018 in the Samata villa in Bali Indonesia this morning I woke up the crack of dawn to the research growing of my bikini as it sounds like a Nicholas Sparks novel or something some kind of romantic drama the most invigorating swim I’ve had in a long time I used to swim competitively, and I haven’t swam in a very very long time when you have a pool like that it’s very very easy to wake up at sunrise, and swim for 30 minutes straight, and I feel. So damn good right now you ever have a morning where you wake up, and you look around, and you have no clue where you are, I’m talking when you first wake up you’re still in dreamland you look around in that moment of kind of oh my god where am i comes over you I woke up this morning, and I thought I was in my apartment in New York City, and I looked around, and I was just like I got a bed, and looked out of the window, and realize okay all right, I’m in paradise I said this last line in the post. But this bed is designed for one purpose, and one purpose only, and that’s her Pacific goodnight sleep now for the part everyone has been waiting for you walk up these big grand stairs nice open space welcome to the master suite at the sma’da without further ado, I’m going to do a mini tour of this incredible villa know what I got here last one I was pretty delusional, and pretty tired uh now seeing in the daytime I walk in here, and I feel like Christian gray this room was built for sex it is this is just me being honest.


I mean look at this there’s a huge mirror wall giant king-size bed big couch right by the bed, and the mirror this room was built for smashing this bed is bigger than a king-size I don’t even know what side this is you could fit probably five people in this bed ladies if you’re reading this what’s up just continuing the tour we make our way out to the patio has this nice linen we open it up, and we get that bird’s-eye view of the courtyard area, and then if you look way way off in the distance you can see the ocean this is where I started the post today this is the terrace kind of breakfast area chill spot you have a nice breakfast table you has this other kind of round milk chair for sitting, and just killing whatever you want to do way way off in the distance you see the gym with the lap pool agent caress pass the white linen curtains. So sensual, and romantic we make our way over to the desk area, and this is kind of where just dumped all my stuff. Because it’s hidden back here nice painting of a volcano, and all that good stuff, and this this is actually the dresser, and I like this a lot I want to get one of these in New York in my apartment just. Because it makes a nice wall makes a good divider no clothes you can see this is the master bathroom, and this is bigger than most apartments in New York I keep comparing this place in New York City. Because, I’m from New York City yes complete with matching his, and her mirrors behind me we have this massive shower where you could probably fit another five people to five people in the shower five people in the bed that’s ten people we have party from the bathroom we make our way back outside let’s do our rooftop garden Paris you can have another five or ten people out here.

So that’s what twenty people this apartment already that’s not a thing it is now a bathroom goes right here, I’m a big fashion kind of guy pretty pretty awesome stuff honestly like I am so what’s the word for I just humbled that doesn’t even come close to the feeling of staying in a spot like this it is just like if you want to come here, and relax this is the place to do it, I’m looking for the gym this place is no joke a compound I mean you saw from that aerial shot in the post the opening it a drone clip this place is pretty big it’s like a little town the woman said it had a big pool in front of it, and oh, I’m guessing this is the spot holy Sh this is a swimmers paradise there’s poles everywhere and, I’m talking actually decently sized pools it’s cool being in a place like this. But being here alone kind of it’s not weird. But just I have to say that I kind of wish I was here with like a friend or something instead of doing a sit-down post where I give a tour, I’m just going to go throughout my day, and post the different places in the villa, and you know you’ll get the tour that way let’s give this gym a little look-see oh my gosh this is bigger than the gym in New York City I go to full size boxing ring free weights I go up to way too heavy to lift Oh my gosh there’s a rowing machine yeah I was just thinking about this I woke up at 7:00 for 30 minutes got a solid workout like really good workout I find this gym I come halfway into another 30-minute workout I passed almost month you know going to Venice, and coming here I haven’t really been consistently training it this is what I need I might even jump for another connected it’s so bad but. So good with a pool right next to the gym you can do some really twisted workout I did a set of workouts on the rowing machine got off rinses 50 meters came back on did it fit on the rowing machine that pulls, and push up I did that five times the continuation of the tour the villa as I go throughout my day you leave the gym you walk over this way through this little path through these bushes you come over here there’s a staircase that goes down I don’t think this is the way to go. But there’s a little stream here you have to jump to the other side boom like a cat you get to the other side at this little shack here is actually check-in, and you walk over this way up to the main building nice koi pond what’s up koi fish I don’t have any food for you, I’m sorry you go up these stairs, and this is the dining area for breakfast this morning I have delicious vanilla french toast with some kind of butter syrup a cup of black coffee pretty much an empty restaurant, and the thing is, I’m not too sure anyone else is even staying at this hotel I haven’t seen another person yet which is kind of interesting it’s actually really cool you walk right out of the breakfast area, and this is I guess the main courtyard you have this pool right here which I feel like the sole purpose of this pool was to take instagrams it’s just. So aesthetic then you walk over this way this is the main lap pool where that this morning swimming this right over here this huge building that’s where, I’m saying that’s the penthouse suite apartment I feel like in a past life I may have been a realtor.

Because I love giving those Department tours, and Villa tours I don’t I just find something interesting about showing off different places to live if you like that Villa tour give the post a thumbs up smash that thumbs up button to let me know if that’s a point out where I cannot even resist myself I’ve probably had maybe six of these bad boys since I’ve been here I’ve got another scooter this is a sexy when I look at that black, and white hmm, I’m gonna cruise into town I’ve hit the ATM, I’m just going to go for a ride obviously my favorite thing to do in Bali just to rent the scooter, and go cruise no destination is killing this bad boy right all my Indo viewers out there all you want to take a photo yeah sure thank you yeah you’re welcome I mentioned that my favorite thing to do. So far in Bali for just get on that bike, and ride. Because you never know where the health can take you kind of went down a dirt road found myself at the beach in this area where it’s 100% all just local people having fun 100% locals only there’s people doing yoga they’re building some furniture over there out of the driftwood. So where, I’m at now is it’s too far away from the resort like I said maybe ten kilometers away different world if you’ve been reading these posts throughout the whole Bali trip you’ve seen I went from you know backpacking to this island, and staying in that home on the beach to even today, and then even to the past two days staying in that luxury villa that is way way too nice it’s just interesting um seeing the different perspectives, and travel you know traveling isn’t all nice villas, and staying in luxurious places Travel is getting out there it’s rahl it’s real it’s this yeah I feel like you know for me this trip is all about moving got to keep moving that’s the motto for life always keep it moving Joe keep living I think Maxima conahey says that just keep living. But yes, I’ll see you tomorrow from Bali. So until tomorrow everyone remember smile more worry less, and leave your passion god.

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