CHURCHES of the Lemesos Limassol


The church of Agia Napa, close to the sea and not far away from the old harbour of Limassol, was built during the Ottoman era (beginning of the 18th century) on the ruins of an older small Byzantine church. In 1891 it was replaced by a larger one, the present church, which was completed in 1906. It is three-aisled, with a marble iconostasis and frescoes mainly on the roof. The icon of Agia Napa is silver-covered.

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The church of Agia Triada (Holy Trinity) is built with impeccable carved limestone. It is three-aisled and spacious with an adequate number of modern paintings on the roof. Originally on the site of present-day Agia Triada there was a small monastery which constituted an annex of the Monastery of Chrysorrogiatissa (Pafos). At the end of the Turkish period, a small parish church replaced the monastery. In 1919 the small church was pulled down and replaced by the present-day spacious church of the Holy Trinity. On the iconostasis, right of the holy entrance to the sanctum, is the silver-covered icon of the Holy Trinity, while on the left is the icon of the Madonna of Chrysorrogiatissa.

Katholiki church (Madonna of Pantanassa) stands next to the Bishopric Palace of Limassol. On the site of the present-day church there was a Franciscan monastery during the Frankish period, which was replaced by a small church during the Turkish period. Later on, the present-day three-aisled, spacious church with the walnut iconostasis was built. On the dome, the bema and the adjacent area of the roof and the walls the church is covered with mural paintings.

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