Welcome here to dead on resort today is day two here we checked in yesterday. And just an absolute dream to be here. So to start off the day we’re gonna get some breakfast here.

And everything is fresh organic amazing food the second ago. I was putting on my new camera lens. And then all of a sudden.


I just like popped it off. And threw it right into my omelet like oh my god inside the lens. So if you see an egg right now, it’s inside the lens 9:30 we got our boat lined up to go.

And do some island exploring we’re gonna be checking out the main islands the main to do is here in Sharjah whether you’re staying here at dead-on Resort or whether you’re staying outside if you do the island hopping these are the main islands you’ll be seeing. I’m super stoked because. I’ve seen some highlights of it we’re gonna make some cities for the boys some cinematics, this is crazy.

I didn’t expect this snow. I was like oh there’s probably a chair nah and. So begins the great adventure our heroes leave the safety of their abode in search of adventure where will this adventure take our heroes, you may ask will that that is to be decided by mother nature the winds the waves.

And the boat driver. So right now we’re going to the back of the resort where they have these mangroves. And that’s where they parked the boat we’ve been told we’re using their fastest motorboat today Jamie and.

I are used to taking these like private little Bond cows which are basically like canoes with motor strapped onto them. So even if the slowest boat. I’m sure they’ll be just fine look at this thing amazing what’s upstairs, it’s a view on all.

So, it’s a nice beautiful doing okay where did the day banca apparently already knew it. I thought bonk. I just relayed.

I thought it was just for the small boats, but even motor boats like this wonderful cold. I called the bunka oh my gosh an abandoned yacht found, you a new post abandoned catamaran. So this boat has a wheel on it if they need to turn it on they can activate the wheel.

And it helps pull the boat along through shallow areas which is. I’ve never heard of that first of all this resort they’ve got it all. So the resort has given us SPF 100.

I’ve never seen that my entire life and. I just feel like saying hey, you know son frigging try me today man. I dare, you SPF 100 all right guys welcome to naked beach yo Sam how pompous are we we got our umbrella our seats, this is a little cheeky fun ever just showing up on their boats they were like I’ll be in the shade with my recliner, this is a good life thank, you Jamie’s getting some fan photos down there appropriately inappropriately a name is naked Island.

And as, you can see there’s absolutely nothing to it other than a beautiful white sand beach surrounded by the incredible blue waters of the Philippines, but after a good 35 40 minutes it was time to head back on the boat because, you start to cook pretty quick all right we’re gonna go for a little dippy dip with the boys see if we can see anything we probably won’t, but the water is very clear let’s see if we can see turtles no, you probably won’t, but maybe maybe they’ll be Turtles snorkeling was good made for a great in the bathroom break. I’m gonna make this a competition that, you guys can get involved with comment down below who did the best backflip, this is based purely on form takeoff landing all the above, you decide don’t be biased here please, you don’t have a chance bro yeah loser, you only get one chance there’s no redos in this shops like life oh that was actually, you that was your best backflip ever which is a little unfortunate now. I have to go yeah, you suck actually wasn’t that bad to be fair, but he always looks like he’s on a bicycle whenever he does back with Christians we just drove onto the beach using smoke.

So your boat might be cool, but is it boat wheels cool think about it have, you ever driven in a boat. I’ve never done it before cool they left that time. So, this is ghoulia Mile, it’s just a tiny little spit of land with a few very beautiful palm trees.

I can see there’s a nice little storm in the distance. And even a little further out we saw surfers right in the middle of the ocean. So there’s obviously a reef what are your findings on the island, it’s my baby.

So, it’s just watch suspect, it’s yeah because they’re dying at alarming rate, but elephant Harmon right there’s all these cold that will have a problem, you see them everywhere. So a lot picked mine up net escaped they’re multiplying at an alarming rate Emel plan. So maybe the two kind of combined maybe that’s the thing that assigned something wants out yeah maybe that’s the causation of the the dining bees exactly hermit crabs are killing bees, you heard it here first there’s a legacy between.

I’m done being Russell Crowe for the oh my god is that. So cool after a very engaging conversation about the alarming rate at which bees are dying we headed back in the boat. And it was time to enjoy lunch in a hut on a beautiful private island with a few other people oh my gosh what are we staying here for the next like three months how much food did, you bring good there’s wine oh my god, this is incredible we’re stranded said help oh, it’s not bring.

I need to do some of them laughs every time yeah. I don’t know about, you guys but I can relate to like Russell Crowe right now just like stranded on an island we had like this fat meal now they brought out two fruit platters they brought out cookies they brought up an antelope.

I’m gonna die. And the last stop of the day was this Instagram goals of the place also known as an overwater pagoda it actually belongs to the resort. And if you.

So please, you can be dropped off here to enjoy a nice read maybe relax. And hear nothing, but the sound of the ocean. So we’re trying to convince Sam to do a backflip here he’s never done it before that was a beautiful belly flop.

I liked it though you’ve conquered your fear alright we’re back cold towels waiting honestly. I’ve never had the bar set. So high on island hopping, this is just too good I’ll never be able to go back when we got back to the resort.

I freshened up did a whole lot of nothing. And later that night. I had one of the most incredible seafood dinners of my entire life hey man what is he doing here all the way on the grass always laughs okay another romantic dinner with the lads hey a nice nice merch bro where’d, you cop it lots of walk on Lawson blog calm Thanks.

I mean cool have, you seen Sam it was a joke cause of your hair oh, you look like a totally different person. I’ve got a. I’m gonna put out bugs all right let’s blow lobster crab sea urchin.

And a bunch of other amazing seafoods guys, this is just about the end of our time here in shark out one last sleep. And then in the morning we’re heading off to the airport. And with that being said, this is just about the end of my trip here with Jamie where is the guy where are, you there is dude we crushed it this trip adventure luxury fun laughter.

And and knee jerk always nature. And guys if you have not already make sure to go check out Jamie’s stuff. I know his blog blog right now is empty, but there’s stuff coming especially once it gets home with these hard drives he’s gonna do some work put together some posts of his own kind of put a unique spin on what you’ve already seen here I’ll be very curious to see myself what he does with it.

So do something make it do something good don’t, you worry posts are coming for all the people that are following me to make posts yeah. I’m gonna make a joke like it might be 2018 pinky that’s like two years away we have absolutely it probably will be this hotel resort whatever, you want to call it this luxury experience is one of the best. I’ve ever had they have everything down to a tea the food the service the amenities.

I could not have asked for a better two days here at the resort honestly they are one in a million. I highly recommend that if you have the budget comment check out dead on island resort, you will not regret it if you can afford it hey guys hey start the day off with a good giggle right hey did, you guys get snowy buddy, it’s been awesome dude. And in the best place in the world yeah they should we’ve been.

So lucky to stop up here. So friendly wherever we see each other next, it’s gonna be such a letdown we’re gonna be in the real world, you know not unlimited massages. And free food.

And oh damn is the CEO of Unilever if you don’t know who is because, you didn’t watch the previous post Sam do your good work protect the bees you’re gonna protect the bees if every view of this just thinks a little bit more about the bees. And we’re gonna live in a better world yeah leave a like if you want to save it even like if you love bees they’re dying at an alarming rate. So allow me oh we’re going in style we got the buzz yeah yeah that’s the best.

I was hoping for this oh yes. So good thank, you very much Sean is just such a pleasure see later to the dead on mobile time to get on a Cebu Pacific flight fly our way right back to Cebu. And from there Jaime and.

I are going separate directions. I’m trying not to cry, but, it’s just. So hard legroom for days ladies.

And gentlemen the seatbelt sign is switched off, but Jamie’s been put under arrest right as we’re about to leave come on jayna, it’s been an incredible month the drill they have to comment hit the like button whatever Jaime does be there to support him show me love hopefully we will see, you very soon he was really nepali in January so. I think that’s when I’ll see, you next probably so. I knew this was coming.

I was overstaying my visa. I had a 30-day tourist visa which, you don’t have to apply for speaking from a Canadian perspective depending on your country it could differ, you have 30 days. And so.

I knew that my trip was gonna run two days longer but I wasn’t in any cities where. I could easily go to a tourism office so.

I did a little bit of research online. I took the chances that it was okay just to pay at the airport here and. I can confirm that it seems to have been okay.

I just paid 3040 euros for overstaying my visa. And they basically just gave me the whole new visa status which is an extra 29 days maybe what. I’m trying to get is don’t take my word on this, but if you’re like oh geez.

I’m gonna overstay my visa. And are they gonna throw me in jail or penalize me with like super expensive fees it doesn’t seem like it it was the exact same price. I would have paid if I’d gone to the tourism office.

And dealt with the immigration. And all that boring stuff. So coming from the editing studio here.

I wanted to end off today’s post slightly differently item number one. I’m wanting to build a bit of a schedule here on the blog as, you probably noticed since day one. I’ve always just posted whenever.

I wanted, but. I’m kind of leaning towards doing like a Sunday 8:00 a.m.

kind of posting schedule where every day, you know that, you can log on to blog. And get your post on that day. I would love to hear down below what days, you guys enjoy to watch your blog on the most let me know.

And from there I’ll be able to work a schedule that hopefully makes it easier to know when, you can tune in to watch the Loffler blow. And there’s actually another Philippines post, but our next destination the Singapore. I’m excited to hop there if you’re coming to the Philippines.

I’ve actually made an entire travel guide, it’s a post based itinerary. So it’ll actually show, you whether, you should go to Cebu to palawan where are the best hidden gems how to pack your bags, it’s everything. I know in here put into there.

So if you want to check it out if you want your entire stresses taken away. And your itinerary perfected. And optimized for, you then check the link down below, it’s completely free, it’s the five hot tips to the Philippines, it’s a sample of the guide.

And it’ll definitely be a great head start for your trip guys if you made it this far smash that thumbs up button. And. I’m really excited to show, you an upcoming post that would be posted.

I think it might be the next post. So on Wednesday or maybe Thursday, it’s gonna be a big one that’s all. I got let’s get lost again in the next one.

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