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Finally, the river flows into the Golfe de la Gonave Tel Aviv Map Tourist Attractions . During the dry season, the stream is only several feet (approximately 1 m) deep Tel Aviv Map Tourist Attractions and even dries up in some places. Other major streams include Les Trois Rivieres in the north, and the Guayamouc River, a tributary of the Arti-bonite. During the wet season, small boats can navigate the lower stretches of the larger rivers, but the streams are of little use for navigation or other economic activity other than local fishing. Haiti’s only hydroelectric facility is the Peligre Dam, which forms Lake Peligre, located on the southern part of the Central Plateau. Haiti also has several lakes.

After a spending some time in the office, Melanie suggested they check out the basement. A door in the small administrative area led downstairs. Perhaps the scratching sound originated from some natural source down there. Heading to the basement, according to Bev, was when they encountered the scariest moment of their investigation. An incredibly steep, narrow stairway that was very tricky to maneuver.

Based on what Bev and Melanie said, the basement was one of the cleanest they’ve

seen. Not even a stray spider web could be found. The grind of motors and roaring blowers made their time in the basement short.

Melanie, lower step, doing EVP work with Mari and Frank. It was very quiet.

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