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Through a series of narratives, and innovative accounts, underpinned by theoretical and philosophical commentary, this blog investigates and re-casts how art and other forms of cultural production can work in relation to the urban, and how cities can be understood in this rapidly urbanizing world of today. Through a series of empirical examples, the city emerges as a multifaceted and diverse space. While attention is drawn to the specificity of these examples, the commonalities that exist between contemporary urban spaces are also evident. Terms such as Western’ and Eastern’ are no longer useful, if they ever were, for understanding the complex relations between local, urban sites and global interactions.

A supposed conspiracy among slaves and poor laborers in New York Sao Paulo Map Tourist Attractions City, both black and white, to burn down the city. The trials following the alleged Sao Paulo Map Tourist Attractions conspiracy resulted in the death by burning or hanging of several slaves and laborers. Ultimately, almost a hundred slaves were tortured, hung, burned, or resold into slavery in the West Indies. Also called the New York Conspiracy, Great New York Conspiracy, or New York Slave Revolt of 1741. Great New York Conspiracy. See Great Negro Plot of 1741.

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