Best Views of Dubrovnik Honeymoon Destination

Oh cannot give you back your homes or a story or dental life. But perhaps I can give you just come on in everybody are you guys doing we’ve decided to wake up super duper early. Because this is when there’s no one here as you can see is like empty compared to yesterday wait oh yeah way cooler guys it’s becoming a bit of a ritual to wake up at 5:30 in the morning, and go explore old cities well has a chocolate croissant, and a coffee in our hands good you got the good, and all this feels like we’re walking through Disneyland like it’s not real you expect them to make this like a Shrek set or something like that. But it’s really interesting walking around here everything is like a maze we actually don’t know where to go we’re just kind of walking around proving our head through, and simplifying something happening in every European city we get to those who’s doing like little maze really poor think we’re in the center square of the city, and they’re setting up some like cute little markets for the for Sunday those excited tools on the wall it doesn’t open for another five minutes we’re going to be the best of you. Because you made it to the top of the wall nice on the wall that’s what you do it this is actually a really unique experience that we can do this this Turku, I’m so glad we can do this like they’ve opened it up for us to walk on the walls. Because this is obviously the best way to see dubrovnik walking through the streets is cool.

Best Views of Dubrovnik Honeymoon Destination Photo Gallery

But i think you guys got to agree with me old town dubrovnik is kind of cool from the air. So if you see it up the cable car if you see it on the walls. Because this is when the city shines this is what you come here for well any like five minutes into the walk and, I’m already blown away I think we found a bit of a lookout point which gives us a nice view of the city with an adventurous morning if you feel like you’re focusing so much to try to chat down you guys didn’t see the post when the Lannisters played basketball was a good, and Jeff you have a little friend we’ve made it to the water part of the wall that looks really cool yeah the little fort well. So you can do kayaking here that could be good fun it’s amazing just to think like they built this on this material like on the side of this rock face at one point they’re saying this is like the most fortified kind of town at its time it’s a couple of hours later, and it is our last day in Croatia it’s not last nice. So we’re going to be having like a little bit of a date night, I’m not too sure what to do. Because we have found one thing about Croatia is that the food isn’t the best especially when we’re comparing it to Greece, and the food is really expensive. So when you want to spend money on food you don’t want to have like a crappy meal that you spend all this money on.

So we keep going back to pizza. Because pigs can never go wrong, and I don’t know are we going to have another Pizza three I don’t know I don’t know what to do literally every time I order a meal that’s what I think electrolyzer, I’m sorry any Croatians are reading. But literally would pay like 30 $40, and it would be literal terrible meals I know it’s a little bad. But we’re not happy with the food young Croatia. So we do keep coming back to pizza they don’t they do croissants pizza, and ice cream pretty good I do, and people do say they do meat well. But we don’t really eat meat we eat fish, and seafood. But that’s like crazy expensive again we got ourselves a couple of snacks, and another technique we’re going to find the perfect box okay we had to show you at least one posting location for gamma Tauri if you’ve watched it before this is where the same theme was to uncanny the developer name how many people lived on this individual, and then they probably just superimpose like a building just there, and graphics.

But no spoilers if you’ve seen the scene you know exactly what, I’m talking about do it do it, I’m so excited what would you on are often our next part of the truth well I’d like to sign on. Because I decided on Croatia well I mean it was a mutual. But decided we’re going to go on a little road trip did you take Bobby stop hopefully the copy’s a little bit better in the UK. But what did he got there how big other power like inside of my hand. But they are quite big note we have trying to feel like the mouse alien does feel a bit I remember coffee wasn’t really good in ek remember yeah we have to be massive lens player behind isn’t important anyway love Croatian coffee, I’m excited with some British coffee you can see how much we love coffee if we get it even, and we know it the looking. So summery it’s going to be 14th green you’re a little bit excited there aren’t you know luminal if you were a hockey book thank you welcome to Little John.

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