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All right you know day three bright, and early up the gondola we’re gonna go do some World War one caves this morning harnessed in helmets on got some lights it’s gonna be full-on as our fearless leader throughout the First World War this beautiful mountain range served as a key battlefield for the Italian, and austro-hungarian armies it was the Italian Alpini versus the Austrian Kaiser Jaeger for control of the northern frontier of the newly established modern Italy clouds are starting to lift Sun is starting to come out, and down into the tunnels for this high outs to combat over 1,800 miles or 3,000 kilometers of trenches were dug up on the Italian side alone while the Austrians Bob from above the Italian set explosives down below, and yet more people died from the cold, and avalanches than the enemy itself about to enter into the Galilee Galleria Galleria Galleria Nigeria Galleria I mean sauna gallery gallery yeah Tama a labyrinth of caves carved in the mountains served as a pathway a launch pad, and a resting place for over a half a million highly trained unfortunate souls we’re in one of the most beautiful places on the planet, and at one point for many people it was also the most horrible from the mountain.

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Because they maybe one , I’ll be kids now man I would not want to be here during the war three years in those caves, I’m happy with 15 minutes let’s go home okay how is it being better thanks top of the trip we saw the World War 1 caves, and now we’re on a chairlift as you can see up to VF adhirata we’re gonna go see if we are allowed weather permitting for allowed to go up the mountain hopefully hopefully we will see okay officially got the green light to try via ferrata it’s a little bit cloudy a little bit foggy. But it seems like it’s clear enough for us to make an attempt try, and see some of these Peaks I still have climb ahead of us this is just the trail to start our climb pretty good little slope see on the legs all before lunch let’s get up there try to see through some of this fog via ferrata or iron Road our systems of cables, and ladders that traversing the most stunning, and otherwise inaccessible territory of northern Italy used to aid the movement of skilled troops in World War one today they’ll help an eager group of bumbling civilians climb through the clouds hearts pumping a little bit that was a sheer straight up climb we were all tied to each other.

And clipped in with carabiners. So safety first. But they’ll still get your heart racing now the others have gone back down and, I’m trying to get a little bit more altitude before the rain comes in. So Marco, and Filippo our guides have took the group down then one of them’s gonna come back up and, I’m gonna try to go up the mountain a little bit higher before this rain comes in let’s go home despite weather hindering what’s said to be a breathtaking view of the Dolomites, I’m happy with reaching the top, and knowing there’s warm food waiting for me back at the lodge for lunch it’s a thick ham, and bean soup finished with I forgot those a hot expresso drink with vanilla ice cream, and for dinner it’s a mouth-watering carpaccio life-changing lasagna a delicious veal filet over prosciutto wrapped mashed potatoes, and a chocolate torte shaped like the landscape we just left behind it is definitely a meal worth fighting for just maybe not up in the mountains don’t step on the Rope of Marco is there a way you have to pay another beer. So every time you step on the rope, and then we type in user any is a beer. So we are all ready to be on everybody.

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