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Was this sad situation the result of a physical inability to San Jose Subway Map reach the community, or was it something much deeper a reflection of a lack of care for San Jose Subway Map the country’s poor and neglected people? Regardless of which is true, this kind of life and environment awaits many first-generation migrants to a city. Roughly one-third of all Haitians lived in or near Port-au-Prince before the earthquake. The city was the country’s heart and soul. Geographers refer to such a metropolis as a primate city. It is an urban center that has the greatest population, and also is the country’s political, economic, and cultural leader. Nearly all of Port-au-Prince was destroyed in the earthquake.

After our walkthrough, everyone divided into two groups. Kat was teamed with Lorena and Jessica while I worked with Jules. Lorena didn’t want Jessica and I working together because she said we had a tendency to laugh and joke too much, not getting our work done. Not true of course.

Jules and I started in the area of the base station. To the back, there was a small, long narrow room. It is believed to be the place where secret poker games were held. With the lights off, this remote area was completely black. We couldn’t even see our hands in front of our faces.

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