Amazing Batu Caves Malaysia

Oh morning again guys is our third, and last day in slow, I’m pouring out we are utter waste of a two teens. So returned by the train station instead of selling us tickets we get tokens I don’t know I guess we’ll find out what this is our train. But we don’t know how to get a cop mated to the case this is so beautiful there’s so many fish in the pond, and then there’s a waterfall over there.

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So pretty our way through Christian yoga instead of the steps right now, and the statue is so so big it’s amazing really impressed we came around the corner inside now we’re going to go, and get some breakfast before we go upstairs after it was so awesome. So we didn’t eat too much now do this here many hundreds of stairs almost at the top of all the stairs friendly hops there are monkeys everywhere catch them right now screaming food got the top, and the cave is so spectacular inside the first cave the feeling is so tall, and it’s so beautiful come over there are these scares leading up there kind of illuminated in the light, and the water dripping down, and you can hear it all over really really amazed them the bikini we are Apollo I do another part of the cave I will yeah the power this mighty shall peaceful somehow very majestic love it here so much I went, and lit a candle in the temple, and got this was just you know a lot of things about the Hindu religion are very intriguing to me, and I think it’s just. So beautiful, and peaceful that religion whistling is relaxing which I think a lot of touristy places don’t feel like this place feels very majestic, and peaceful, and you saw inspiring I definitely recommend that you come here again it is called Batu Caves getting here from central kuala lumpur is cheap, and pretty easy you get on the train it’s about fifty cents for a one-way ticket that’s what we paid per person, and then you come here, and you can have some of that awesome Indian food for what did we pay you well ringette each which is about four dollars u.

s. and the meal is so awesome, and then to go in the temple, and put a little offering I paid 10 Ringgits, and that’s all. So of things to do in Kuala Lumpur I think that batu caves should definitely be on your list we didn’t have much time in the city we only have three days here. But we got here no problem what do you have to say in the deal where you think this place oh, and also if you’re a girl, and coming in shorts that’s fine. But you’re going to need to get a sarong from the ladies downstairs, and they just give it to you you don’t have to worry about finding where to get it going back down the stairs now to leave I just keep kind of stopping, and wanting today I just really just really love this place I think it’s. Because it is a thirsty place.

But at the same time it feels very meaningful, and it’s not just tons of people pushing you to take selfies you know a lot of people come here all the way from other countries to pray, and offering this especially the second most important you can do temple in the world it’s all different train back to Kuala namu house in Kuala Lumpur from the caves now going to get ready to go to the airport we both have a little bit of work to do. So we’re going to try, and find a cafe walking back now it is hot about 93 degrees Fahrenheit it’s just hot hope that you liked my adventures in the batu caves in Kuala Lumpur I really recommend. So if you didn’t get that already thank you guys so much for reading, and also something, I’m going to recommend you do is go, and follow me on Twitter, and Instagram on Twitter especially coming up lately, I’m going to have a lot of like votes, and asking you guys for insight on stuff, I’m going to be traveling through Australia, and then some more exciting places of course as always I ain’t more enable to connect with you guys on there. Because you know the comments get kind of crazy, and I can’t really keep up with them much easier for me to connect with you guys on there especially Twitter or find I can like talk to people more I don’t really like normally talking about my social medias me like go follow me. But I think what I mean is just like a better opportunity for me to talk to you guys that way. So yeah again hope you enjoyed the post, and the exploring the awesome batu caves, and thanks for reading see you next time in australia by Shinya. But on the way through.

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