Hey guys today.

I’m off to a bit of a rough start. I can barely breathe out of my nose, but what. I need to do is just to just pray to the vlogging gods.

So today we’re going to be doing something very special here Ian shark out one of the must-see places, but first. I need to get the two Sam’s so today we’re going to mop pool boom coal which is especially hard to say when your nose is congested, but the squad is feeling good today, this is like palm tree island as far as the eye can see, you see beautifully spaced out palm trees.


I literally want to pull over every two seconds thinking. I can find the most amazing Instagram photo in these random little forest, this is one of the most beautiful islands. I’ve ever seen you’ve got lots of open space you’ve got incredible palm trees beautiful ocean like, this is such a cool place shark out was already making its way to my very top of the top here in the Philippines one thing that’s really incredible is the roads here they’ve actually done a fantastic job developing it.

So, it’s easy to get around there’s even parts where you’re going around on your scooter. And you’re going through what feels like like a tree tunnel or a bush tunnel because they’ll basically just cut the trees enough. So that, you can get under there with a car very very happy to be here in charge Oh just on our way to Makapuu Nicole there’s a marsh.

And rumor has it if you stay here long enough Shrek will actually come. And play it’ll leave a swamp Wow. I think that’s Marsh, it’s actually very beautiful in some way what.

I’m really liking about Sharjah though is like, you know if you go to places like Boracay, it’s very developed, you know you’ve got lots of tourists which can be a nice thing, but at the same time it almost feels like the local culture has been pushed to the side what. I’m loving about shark out. So far is that.

I feel like, it’s almost an integration they’re still very much the majority here. And they’re very accommodating people are so excited to see us here, it’s very very cool.

I have never seen. So many kids at the side of the road shouting like in order to get to Margot Pinkle, you have to climb through these waters over these rocks very careful there’s lots of sharks. And squid.

I can see the rock pool up ahead what’s really cool is normally this entire area has no water in it the part where we’re walking through. And there’s just this one pool that fills up during the high tide and. So when, it’s low tide which is when you’re supposed to come here, it’s supposed to feel like, you basically have a pool but.

I guess the water levels are higher. I don’t know if that makes sense. I’m not a water level ologist or anything like that the current is.

So strong all right welcome to Makapuu cool guys check this out this is. So cool. And if the clouds blow away.

And we got a nice clear blue sky. And that water is going to turn into a light it’ll be beautiful oh. I think swill plugging my blog away on his Instagram feed gotta say thank, you well, you guys don’t know who old ass bitches he’s like the one who started blog here in the Philippines.

And unfortunately he’s at home right now dealing with cancer treatment do, you guys want to check out his blog. I got, you will link down below let’s get will to 1 mil. So right now we got head back because we’ve got a incredible hotel lined up we need to get back there they’re picking us up at 11:00.

And yeah. I’m excited Laughter, you mess with the puppy, you become supper buh-bye. I just pulled over on the side of the road.

I’m happy. I got to see little puffer now we’re heading somewhere very special that. I’m excited to show, you, this is just okay maybe I’ll just ask, you, it’s not a private island is it he’s not a private island okay, but, it’s it’s own little corner of Shar guy.

I suppose how do, you pronounce it, it’s dead on Island Resort okay thank you. So we got back just in time because right now just started raining transyl downpour the usual here all right how long have, you been at the resort for uh seven years now yeah. I built the place Wow with your own bare hands oh, this is not a bad place to call home on the right hand side there you’ve got pool bar, it’s got chillin, it’s official, this is one of the most beautiful resorts.

I’ve ever seen, it’s just like spotless the grass is like perfectly trimmed there’s just. So many beautiful greens popping out from all of the leaves. And the plants.

And the trees. And the ocean, you can hear it rolling in this place is like, this is heaven, this is amazing okay oh my gosh this place y’all have two separate bedrooms okay, this is like room goals. And all the way here in paradise love your minibar okay it smells.

So good in here yes um, but innocent sambar kita sampaguita no in the Philippines let’s see what’s in door number two for your bath please look at this place, this is amazing, this is a rain shower bath for your hot water there is this just may be open to make it hot because they are using solar power right another bet yeah look at that headboard that’s so cool all right, this is one of the coolest things. I’ve ever seen in any resort he’s a massive bed on the beach like a giant size man, this is bigger than a king oh my gosh lunch is served this looks.

So good yeah sometimes coconut shake. And then all sorts of other kinds of things for lunch here what kind of fish is this, it’s a my my fish in my mind yes. And the chicken very good nice okay.

And who must leave with bucket bread get the coconut shake if you’ve never had one, this is the best one. I’ve ever had. So.

I’m gonna grab one yep how did, you been that stupid nice so. I was just like Jamie we got to go we’re going surfing he wasn’t coming. I was like.

I don’t understand like we’re in a big place, but, it’s not that big why doesn’t he hear me, it’s cuz he’s right here. I don’t think his live crikey. I think he may have died in the night he.

So sound asleep yo let’s go Shaka let’s go do some serious barrels for the boys get pitted, it’s just. So pity bro just smack the lip. I’m the best roommate ever this, this is a custom-made Jeep, it’s a mobile lounge.

I mean what are, you expecting apparently, this is what. I’m supposed to expect here. I did on look at this thing oh my god that’s amazing alright well see, you later.

I thought, you promised me I’ll learn to surf today. So you’re accountable for left today. And if he doesn’t stand up Drowning before, you bring him home.

I’m getting some serious tiny homes inspo here. I don’t know if. I could be the guy that actually like set up like a mini-boss have lived in it for like days on end, but sitting on this couch right now maybe I’ll see it maybe.

I’m feeling it that’s their logo right there, you can see the little hanging hammock from a palm tree when life gives, you a roadblock walk around it inspiring alright alright. So we’ve just arrived in cloud 9. And the beach.

So we’re gonna be learning on today is called jacking horse. So yeah. I gotta learn somewhere apparently jacking horse is the place to be, you have below it no well though.

So, you don’t know what it is do, you okay. So what it is is, it’s basically, it’s an unborn chicken embryo. So it develops up to a certain point.

So, you you can get it based on the age there’s like as young as like a week. And then there’s as old as like 21 days. And the older it is the more, you can see the embryo developing right.

So there’s be like basically a stillborn baby inside of there. So maybe, you want to try it just say oh yeah. I feel like.

I’m in surfer paradise, it’s gonna get pitted bro sup hit it yeah a great surf day. I think. I got a five times in a row towards the anakata fell apart a little bit more, but the start was really really good it goes to show they feel very instructor anyone can surf and, this is like one of the best learning conditions.

I’m not worried about falling on Coral, you know there’s quite a few people around, but, you can maneuver through them today’s been a very amazing day spent about four. And a half months in the Philippines. And I’m.

So shocked that. I’m only just finding this jewel right now, it’s got so much to offer.

And. I’m not the only one that knows about it to be honest there’s lots of other visitors coming people from Europe Australia people are actually living here in shark au which is actually kind of cool that’s the reason, you can find a gym, you can find yoga, you can get good food here. I think those are great things when done in proportion.

And right now the tourism here is not over-the-top, it’s the right amount it allows, you to enjoy nice things have people around that, you can meet. And hang out with. And yet still have that very real Philippines experience where, you get to meet locals where, you get to see how they truly live.

And experience what, it’s like to be in a beautiful exotic country charge out checks off all the boxes. I definitely recommend this one as a must that is incredibly beautiful what coffee time work time. And then dinner time.

And the massage time. So busy tonight just wish. I could take the night off, this is actually a really interesting concept of the hotel and.

I only just realized it now, but when guests stay here they actually don’t have to bring their credit cards they don’t have to pay for anything, it’s kind of like the idea of an all-inclusive Resort. So once, you pay for your stay here whether, you choose a one-bedroom a 3-bedroom or a 5 bedroom, you know obviously the price increases with that, but with that being said every guest who attends they get all their food included they got all activities included aside from a few little ones that were very nice. And boutique, you get to pay a little bit more for those, but other than that, you basically come here and, you know that everything is inclusive very privileged to be here tonight to experience what is essentially one of the best hotels, you can stay in in the entire world a little romantic even with the with the lads here ravioli with coconut some red wine oh my gosh other goodies we’re not worried oh my god.

So what is this one soft yes make our way out to the spa hey thank, you very much hello how are, you oh my gosh she’s beautiful thank, you if you’re new to my blog hit that comment button right up there to get more Philippines posts there’s more to come. And if you’re coming to the Philippines. I’ve actually made an entire Travel Guide for, you.

And help, you decide between Cebu or palawan basically everything that, you need to know before getting here and. I’ve got the five hot tips to the Philippines just link right there, it’s completely free. So feel free to check it out.

And let’s get lost again in the next one. ?

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