Trying Hungarian Candy Snacks

Oh what is that hey everybody, I’m Stephen Oh Jeff, and we’re flying the nest, and we just got back from a very quick trip to Hungary that’s really were there for one day yeah one day we needed to go back, and we might be going back. So if you want us to see a lot more make sure you comment. Because little sneaky is that this may not be the only time where your coat to Budapest this year there’s a lot to see in Hungary will blown away by Budapest when we were there we went shopping to your grocery store, and we found snacks, and candy we’ve never seen before so much like the most out of any country like we’ve bought like eleven eleven candies which is crazy. Because a lot of countries tend to have the same like yeah I breeze Hershey’s all of that. But we haven’t seen these in any other countries we’ve been to.

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So excited to try them hopefully they’re Hungarian birdlace know if they’re not, and if there’s anything that we have missed I wanna start with this one it looks. So weird alrighty the first one is pom pom perhaps seeds, I’m pretty sure that’s Hungarian. But I cannot read at all Vettel’s cos enter Pepsi kid I’ve no idea it looks fun though it looks like it is packed full of sugar ready to try it yeah what’s with that guy he knows he knows he doesn’t have a nose what is it then it’s a guy. But no name is another giant noise I thought oh is that his belly I think that’s weird Oh what look at them oh did you smell that like that is like crumbling what did we just grab like a hand all of these little minty okay, I’m just gonna smash them all back yeah want to oh my goodness I’ve had this type before this is so sweet stop alright loops that’s like free please wow that is so much sugar in it that is a good start oh good Wow is that yummy that’s what that is alright the next one is called lotto, and then there’s something I think is in Hungarian says is village is almost like a speaking Hungarian post, and that’s a hazelnut on the front oh my gosh it’s melting a little bit really hot right now in Australia. So it’s like a chocolate bar these have come back in our luggage from hungry smells funny chocolate okay you just bought a bit Oh interesting you like them it probably shouldn’t be that softly oh gods insider it was a really bitter taste tore up it’s like inside like some sort of caramely looking thing. But it doesn’t taste like caramel it’s like soft toffee don’t you reckon I chase weird I’ve never tasted anything like it that is a quite a strong taste I can’t read what’s in it.

Because it’s all in Hungarian that is very bitter like I don’t think I’d go out of my way to try the chocolate it’s like not that sweet Bobby you’re not enjoying these good let’s go for another small one oh yeah another chocolate okay we saw a lot of these around mohawk Mohawk one word again it would be mmm okay like this was in the supermarket at the checkout this is very similar to the one we just had before nice, and melted hotness failure yeah it looks exactly the same okay in the middle okay it’s like a light yellow colour in there, and half of it is chocolate half of this the Yellow Sun if that’s vanilla or that’s banana oh you know what they taste like mm-hmm I know what they all taste like now you know when you get a box of roses, and they oh my gosh grass roses suck, and these all taste like different types of roses oh that is so true how did you think of that that tasted just like one of the you know why we don’t like that that’s chocolate orange oh yes that’s what the yellow bit is is actually orange chocolate it literally tastes like the orange rose oh let’s get those out of the way there’s one more there’s one more the Roses pack this one’s called somebody blog maybe the brand Zomba like music mm-hmm okay that’s exactly the same I think that’s gonna be a strawberry filled one yeah how’s it cherry on the front oh no it’s the same kind of color it’s white roses again it’s really artificial cherry oh it is these are horrible I wanted not too bad no I hate really Budapest is a beautiful city, I’m so sorry they were having such a bad start to your candy all right guys. So the next one is called sport, and now, I’m worried that we’ve bought a gum oh do you think it’s gum totally shaped like gum I know it’s chocolate that’s a shame like they’re roses chocolate smells like chocolate though it’s like a layer of chocolate above it, and then is that more chocolate in the middle that’s not mmm just tastes like another basic Rosa’s chocolate yeah. But the nicest roses chocolates. So far there is love they don’t takes that chocolatey though hmm that could be baking chocolate you know how like doesn’t have the best taste I guess if you like warm it up, and mix it with something it could be quite good there’s something completely different let’s go with this. So this one is called the been our Sitka buggy oh, I’m sorry guys, and there are little like berries on the front, and walnut you think lollies oh right. So they’re little individually wrap he’s won all right that could be something that they give you at a restaurant or your grandma’s place okay.

So they look like a hard lolly oh yeah a weird berry that is nice violet let me know what’s in the middle Hong Kong buyers too hard you can’t you’re not goo hard if I got weird berry it’s like maybe pomegranate or it’s a weird berry flavor, I’m just. So sorry this is like the first time I’ve not like like bad alright I think this could be one that you like all right oh yeah it is corn. So it’s huzi sweets is the brand, and it’s choco and, I’m guessing it’s a chocolate log that has coconut around it in Australia we have something that kinda looks like this a bounty well let’s coconut chocolate anyway. So, I’m hoping it tastes like a bounty. Because I love bounties it looks good I think you’ll enjoy this one okay oh it has a rum what in the middle no it’s nothing like a bounty it has a very it has an alcohol I think it tastes like Rumbles mm-hmm, I’m with you on that I thought that was gonna be a good one. But it like rum I don’t like Roman raisin ice cream or anything like that Oh does remind me of rum, and raisin ice cream we’re not having a lot Bob’s okay. So the next time we’re gonna try it is called Bucky looks like this, and underneath, I’m at butchering every single word why do I try it says to re goong-bok, and now they did have different flavors I did remember yes when we were in this store.

But we have never seen this type of flavor before this thing I don’t know what it is so we’re like let’s get the chocolate bar we have no idea what it is like dang sure can looks like doughnut balls with I seen on that don’t know it it feels a little bit melted that looks like dark chocolate there okay it’s white in the middle okay what could be like those after dark chocolates you know there will be minty flavor is it missing work what is that what is that it reminds me of after dark chocolate. But doesn’t have one minty after dark after eight is it or after dark you know those it’s like there’s a lollies that they’ll give you a little fancy brush on it’s a chocolate I never had, and it has a really good minty taste to it this doesn’t mean I know this isn’t me I don’t know what that flavoring is it tastes like it’s dark chocolate a minute’s it’s dark dark chocolate, and maybe like some sort of like cake I can taste that cake I don’t like it oh my gosh this is the worst tell you how much you’ve liked how much like zero. So it tastes like cake inside chocolate the second chocolate isn’t that chocolaty oh alright come on guys be good. So they sponsor called Negro when we noticed quite a few packaging as having the word Negro nuts underneath that’s like that’s dark in that could be black yeah in Hungarian. But here’s one. So they are wrapped up oh my gosh if these are licorice then, I’m gonna line them or Nora licorice oh yes no it’s not licorice these are great watch any of our other candy trying posts everything has licorice in it, and every other single post usually I love everything, and Steven hates everything, and this is like the reverse today.

Because these tastes just like humbugs if you’ve had those before they are the Hungarian equivalent of a humbug, and they are great just like stuck in the back of your throat alrighty second last one you have two more chocolates to try, and save Jess yeah. So for a biscuit we have got these little bad boys here pelada pilota piscatella. So it looks like this chocolate strawberries, and soft like like you know weird yeah. But it’s definitely not a biscuit then it’s marshmallow that’s why I was like a cake mm-hmm my grandma used to have biscuits like this it’s a cake I don’t like it it’s like a really soft cake it’s only. Because I don’t like let you know Twinkies, and stuff, and they’re packaged cakes I don’t like that I prefer like biscuit. So it’s like a cake with jam, and chocolate, and please let us know that this hasn’t melted in the plane it’s meant to be like this. Because everybody is like a cake consistency it’s not like a biscuit or wind biscuit you’re old maybe they’re off all righty, and the last one is called the Balaton please good to be honest I don’t mind if you don’t like any of these chocolates.

Because you know guys eat more for me okay you need to watch our Budapest blog. Because I loved your food there we have footage evidence of how much I love the food. But maybe it’s just the candies you guys we tried your local food remember yeah we tried the the things with the post clips up, I’m going from a stool saying hungarians i hopefully this is an area bull sorry I really think we didn’t a turn please be good that looks like it’s 90% way far it sounds like not interesting way fell wow that is my layers of wafer do we have a winner I love a good oh good it’s like yeah way friend way friend wafer, and weibo mmm YUM finally finally oh wow I hope there was some enjoyment in that post not just Jess rip it into the candy. But we do potentially maybe have plans to come back to Hungary in the summer. So if you’re new around here make sure you hit comment, and let us know what candies you think jess will like maybe when we come back tell me ones that you think, I’m gonna like, and we can go, and post this post again trying Hungarian caddy Potter, I’m so sorry guys anyway see you guys next time taking little.

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