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As I walked back through the monastery and came to the Qingdao Travel grassy dell in the loop of the Holy Road, I saw that something was happening. Qingdao Travel Young men dressed as warriors were fighting in pairs. Some had swords whose long metal blades flashed through the air in mock battle. A solo fighter ran into their centre and leapt into the air, slapping his boots beWhd his back, and landing in a fighting stance. He followed this with a somersault that flipped him back upright in an attacking move of hands chopping out karate-style. Then everyone stopped to discuss something, standing around and illustrating their words with wild arm movements.

For Baozhai (female, aged 26), as with the other respondents, Jie Pang provided an innovative way to narrate one’s journey that combined a sense of place and networked sociality. She noted that surveillance was an issue and this sometimes led her to not use the service. Even so, Baozhai would use Jie Pang in a variety of locations, including at the airport to track my flight records’, and, when I go to some supreme restaurants or hotels which I rarely go to’. When asked about whether she could imagine ever checking in at every place that she went to, she replied that such a feat would be impossible’. Moreover, some routine places like home or company are not worthy checking in. Here, the choice of words not worthy’ is important.

Jianjun (male, aged 27) used Jie Pang to check in at some cool places and share [these] with my friends’. This was especially so if he was to go to a new cool place, a meaningful place [as well as] some places with medals’. Unperturbed by worries about surveillance or privacy, Jianjun viewed Jie Pang’s role as essentially a way of sharing and being co-present with friends. As Jianjun puts it, when I choose to use Jie Pang that means I would love to share these [places and experiences] with my friends’. Jianjun noted that most of his friends were using Jie Pang: In my opinion, Jie Pang is a tool for fun and interaction with friends, since you can connect your Jie Pang account with Kaixin, Renren and Sina microblog (only my friends can see my check-ins).’

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