Micro Center US Map & Phone & Address

Micro Center US Map & Phone & Address

727 Memorial Dr. Cambridge;

(617) 234-6400 This Ohio-based chain came blazing into town early in 95, transforming the old Stop & Shop (next to the landmark Shell sign) into a gleaming megastore with Pentium-like speed. The place is vast, claiming to stock some 24,000 items, from the tiniest chip to entire IBM and Mac systems.

Each of those worlds gets its own room, in fact; not to mention separate departments for peripherals, books, repairs, and free technical support (that’s help, to ordinary folks). So, what will you find in the way of high-volume prices? Among the deals seen on Mine’s visit were a WinBook 486 laptop with dual-scan color, on sale for $2,097 (reduced from $2,500); a large supply of Hewlett Packard HP 520 Desldet printers, factory-recondi-tioned (with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty) for a mere $149 each; and the Apple Newton” Mes-sagePad 120, with 2mb of memory, for $611 (equal at the time to those low mail-order company prices).

Plus aisle upon aisle of namebrand and budget software and shareware. Accessories, blank diskettes, paper, and assembly-required furniture. Every computer book ever written, apparently. They also tend to have a big selection of manufacturer rebate coupons, and occasional product giveaways, near the registers up front

The size and scope of the store may be daunting to the less technically-inclined; there is someone posted at the door to help direct you, and most of the sales staff seem to know their bits from their bytes. Micro Center should remain a must-check if you’re shopping around for the best price of the moment. Open daily from 10 A.M. to 9 PM. Saturdays til 6, Sundays 12-5.

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