Boston Conservatory US Map & Phone & Address

Boston Conservatory US Map & Phone & Address

8 The Fenway, Boston; (617) 536-6340

The lesser-known of the two major conservatories recently marked its 125th anniversary season. At Seully Hall, you can catch piano recitals, modern dance, and even Gilbert and Sullivan. Tickets range up to $12, but many events are free and open to all.

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Kirkintillock’s name, anciently, was Caerpentaloch, the fort at the head of the ridge. Note the 1893 fountain with the motto over it: Ca’ canny but ca’ awa’ (‘Be careful but carry on’). The centre is modern but has some character; walk to the Cross at the far end to visit the Auld Kirk (1644) Museum containing award-winning displays on the town’s major past industries: coal mining, iron works, shipbuilding and weaving. The Lion Foundry made the red telephone boxes which were known all over the world, now sadly phased out and the works forced to close as a result. The Barony Chambers next door dates to 1815, when it replaced the old tollbooth. The top floor had a school, the middle floor acted as town hall and court room, and below lay the gaol. The steeple’s clock was known as the ‘four-faced liar’, as each face tended to show a different time. The museum can supply a leaflet/map of the Peel Park. Behind the Auld Kirk are war memorial gates leading into Peel Park, where there is a fountain and bandstand (as at Kilsyth), a good view to the Campsies, an excavated section of Wall foundation and the site of a castle motte. Walk down the park left to Union Street and then left back to the Cowgate.

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