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This company is obliged to pay heavy duties in France upon Indianapolis Metro Map the importation of beaver or any other fur; for which reason they always fix a price upon Indianapolis Metro Map beaver and their other furs in Canada; and the Indian traders of Canada being restrained from selling to any but the company’s agents there, they cannot raise the price of Indian goods as the price of European rise, or as their profit on the goods they sell to the Indians is lessened.

The merchants of New-York allow our Indian traders double the price for beaver, that the French company allow their Indian traders, the price established by the company for beaver in Canada, being two livres, or eighteen pence sterling the pound weight; and the current price of beaver in New-York being five shillings New-York money, or three shillings sterling the pound weight.

Therefore it plainly follows, that our Indian traders could undersell the French traders, though they were to give as great a price for European goods as the French do, and did transport them at as great charge, because of the double price they have for their furs in New-York. But as our Indian traders not only have a double price for their Indian goods, but likewise buy the goods they sell to the Indians, at half the price the French Indian traders do, the French traders must be ruined by carrying on this trade, in competition with the English of New-York. And the French Indian traders had been ruined before now, if they had not found means to carry their beaver to Albany, where they got double the price they must have sold for in Canada. It may be objected against this argument, that the Canada Company as soon as they find that the traders cannot sell at their established price, will allow a greater price.

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