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You might imagine that the Buffalo Trail has a grim story behind its name. That is not the case. In quarry terminology, a deadman refers to an anchoring point on the ground for the cables supporting giant derricks. Workers used the derricks to hoist blocks of stone onto railroad cars that took them to the various work areas around the quarry.

At the southern end of the Buffalo Loop Trail, the Hell’s Gate Trail branches off and continues downstream. This trail provides a close look at how the river has carved and shaped the rock along its banks. Look for kettles and their grinders along the Hell’s Gate Trail. It starts out as an easy trail but becomes difficult as it gets pinched between the river and sandstone bluffs. The trail eventually deadends and does not connect with any other trails beyond its intersection with the Quarry Loop Trail.

Precipitation The average annual rainfall for most of the country varies Buffalo Metro Map from about 50 to 80 inches (127 to 203 centimeters), but the distribution of precipitation is Buffalo Metro Map uneven both seasonally and by location. Port-au-Prince receives an average 53 inches (135 cm) of rainfall each year, about the same amount as the wettest U.S. state, Louisiana. The wet season begins in March and extends through October.

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