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Mexico has several top-notch highways, especially those around and radiating from Mexico City. Altogether Mexico has a network of 125,000 miles of paved roads. A central super-highway runs straight up and down the center of Mexico. Except for these well maintained and much traveled roads, the visitor is urged to avoid nighttime auto travel. Cattle find the paved roads warm and comfortable for bedding down for the night. As a rule the roads are not as well marked as in the U.S. Signing for turns may consist only of city or town names.

A narrow highway runs the length of Baja California, a road not to be undertaken lightly because of the long distances without services and the possiblity of breakdown. It is for the fisherman, hunter and adventuresome. Winding down the eight-hundred-mile peninsula, the road covers eleven hundred miles. For long stretches it is only 19’A feet wide, often without shoulders. Trucks and bus drivers sometimes barrel down the road. Let the car driver beware! Green Angels, government vehicles painted green, cruise the road twice a day, between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m., servicing travelers with car problems at no charge. MEX. I, the major route down the Baja peninsula, can be covered in as few as three days. The traveler passes a few small towns going south, Santa Rosalia, Mulege, Loreto, then La Paz. At the southern tip of Baja is Cabo San Lucas, a luxury resort destination.

History of Mexico: The writing was sent home to Sweden to be preserved in Mexico Metro Map the royal archives. Mans Kling was the surveyor. He laid out the land and made a Mexico Metro Map map of the whole river, with its tributaries, islands, and points, which is still to be found in the royal archives in Sweden. Their clergyman was Reorus Torkillus of East Gothland. The first abode of the newly arrived emigrants was at a place called by the Indians Hopokahacking. There, in the year 1638, Peter Menuet built a fortress which he named Fort Christina, after the reigning queen of Sweden.

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