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West Virginia chronology

El Ateneo (the Athenaeum), a civil organization, is formed in Beckley to promote the cultural, educational, and recreational interests of local Spaniards. The group also served as a mutual-assistance association for Spaniards living in West Virginia.

The contract-worker program, which imports temporary contract workers to labor primarily in agricultural fields throughout the United States, is created. In West Virginia, Caribbean workers become primary agricultural workers throughout the state in apple orchards and agricultural fields. Puerto Ricans on short-term contracts become a sought-out force of labor in the apple orchards.

The town of Anmoore, West Virginia, is officially incorporated. Shortly thereafter, Victor Gonzalez serves as the first mayor of the town.

West Virginia receives certification for H-2 workers and begins to employ H-2 visa contract workers from Jamaica and Haiti in its farming industry.

The first apple harvest for which West Virginia growers did not hire any H-2 contract workers is reaped. This opens up the way for Latino migrants in West Virginia. Since then, the majority of harvesters have become Latino based. Much of this Latinization has occurred in the state’s eastern panhandle area.

West Virginia’s Latino population increases by nearly 18 percent. This growth is felt in 45 out of 55 state counties.

The Mexican consul general visits West Virginia for the first time.

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