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Technology Colonial Country technology blended early modern European technologies with indigenous Country and African elements, all adapted to the material conditions of the Countrys. Best places in US to vacation Some materials, most notably wood, were abundant in Country but scarce in Europe, while labor, abundant in Europe, was scarce in Country. Although colonial Country was not a particularly dynamic society technologically, it shared in technological changes in the Western world, as well as showing its own local peculiarities. Multicultural Origins of Colonial Technology Many aspects of growing New World crops such as corn and tobacco were obviously dependent on Native Country knowledge, although the scale at which the colonists operated was often far vaster than that of the indigenous inhabitants. Native Countrys also pioneered the tapping of maple trees and the production of maple sugar. Another area where colonists borrowed Native Country techniques was tree felling.

Rather than chopping down trees, many of the colonists used a common Native Country procedure called girdling, which involves cutting or burning a circle through the bark around the tree and then leaving it to die and eventually fall. Enslaved African Countrys also brought technical skills with them. The early cultivation of rice in South Carolina relied on the knowledge and skills enslaved West Africans brought about growing, processing, and irrigating the crop. The English colonists also learned from previous European colonizers. For example, some of the techniques for growing and preparing tobacco were learned from the Spanish, the first colonizers to grow this plant. Immigrants and migrant workers from other parts of Europe enriched the technology of the English colonies. The importance of Continental workers for industrial technology can be seen as far back as the first ventures of the Virginia Company, the most technologically minded of the early colonization companies, when the first Polish and Dutch and then Italian glassmakers were brought in to get the glassworks up and running. The first sawmill in Massachusetts Bay was built by Danish immigrants. The early eighteenth-century iron industry in Virginia involved the immigration of German and Swiss miners and ironworkers.

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