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Besides the beer, which Bavarians drink copiously, there is weisswurst, a fresh sausage traditionally eaten before ten in the morning. It’s made the night before of finely ground veal, parsley, grated lemon peel, white pepper and a choice of spices selected by the sausagemaker. It is served piping hot from a pot or grill with tart-sweet mustard and a crisp roll or coarse peasant bread.

Shopping centers with pedestrian walks are around the Marienplatz. On the city’s outskirts is Schloss Nymphenburg, formerly the palace of Bavarian royalty.

1606 Sir Ferdinando Gorges, Sir John Popham, and Richard Frankfurt Map Tourist Attractions Hakluyt, among others, convince King James I to charter the Virginia Company, whose branches, Frankfurt Map Tourist Attractions the Plymouth Company and the London Company, will be responsible for establishing colonies in Massachusetts and Virginia respectively. The London Company is made up of merchants, lawyers, and other well-to-do men and is designed as a joint-stock company. 1607 Around 100 men and boys arrive in Virginia on the Susan Constant and establish Jamestown, named after the monarch. Company officials instruct the colonists not to let Native Countrys see them die, thinking the natives perceive the English to be immortal. Professional soldier John Smith, later appointed leader of the colony, is captured in December 1607. He is shown about Powhatan’s territory and finally meets the paramount chief. Through a series of rituals, Powhatan accepts Smith’s, and the English, presence in Tsenacommacah, perhaps sensing they will make allies in his effort to subdue the Monacan. In the last of these rituals, Smith is symbolically rescued from death by Pocahontas, Powhatan’s young daughter.

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