Monumento Cientifico Moises Bertoni

Located on the banks of the Parana River the Monumento Cientifico Moises Bertoni was formerly owned by Swiss scientist Moises Bertoni who spent over 35 years in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s studying Paraguay’s flora, fauna, and indigenous culture. From this tranquil spot in the Paraguayan wilderness he made several valuable contributions in the realm of the natural sciences. The reserve, known as a scientific monument, is comprised of 199 of the original 10,000 hectares given to Bertoni by the Paraguayan government in 1989 for the formation of an agricultural colony. The land was donated by Bertoni’s descendants in 1955. His large two story former house, situated at a bend in the Parana River, has been turned into a museum with many personal items as well as pieces from his scientific collection (which at one point contained upwards of 40,000 specimens of flora and fauna). From here there is a nice view of the Parana River and you can walk down to the banks of the river. Unfortunately swimming is not permitted due to the strong current. Birds and monkeys can be spotted ducking behind enormous jackfruit (jaka) hanging in the trees along the reserve’s nature trails. The reserve’s natural beauty and lush forest stand in stark contrast to the surrounding soy fields and point to the alarming deforestation suffered in the region. The Monumento Cientifico Moises Bertoni is located in Puerto Bertoni, forty kilometers from Ciudad del Este. It is best to go with a tour or private guide as the access road is unmarked and in poor condition requiring a 4×4 vehicle. Tues-Sun 7:30am-3pm

Moises Bertoni

Dr. Moises Santiago Bertoni (1857 – 1929) is a well known figure in Paraguay. Often refered to as el sabio Moises Bertoni (the wise Moises Bertoni) he is cherished as a foreigner who dedicated much of his life to the study of

Paraguay’s natural environment. This avid environmentalist moved his family from his native Switzerland to Misiones, Argentina in 1884 and in the early 1890’s was given the land that is now Puerto Bertoni by the Paraguayan government to start the Guillermo Tell Colony. He subsequently dedicated the remainder of his life to exhaustive studies of the area’s flora and fauna as well as indigenous inhabitants, making significant contributions to the scientific community. He was called upon by the Paraguayan government to establish the National School of Agriculture and also served as head of the national Department of Agriculture. His extensive study of the Guarani Indians led to the publication of multiple volume work entitled La Civilizacion Guarani (the Guarani Civilization). He disseminated information about his discoveries through aptly named Ex-Sylvis (latin for From the forrest) printing press.

Bertoni is best known for the discovery of ka’a he’e (see Ka’a he’e, Paraguay’s Sweet Spot), the sweet plant used by local indigenous He named the plant Stevia rebaudiana bertoni in honor of his wife, whose maiden name was Rebaud.


Visitors will find Ciudad del Este to be more expensive than the rest of Paraguay, even when compared to Asuncion. There are many lodging options though decent budget hotels are few and far between. If you are uninterested in the commercial sector there is little reason to stay close to the Friendship Bridge (you can always take a quick stroll during the day). Hotels near Avenida Pioneros del Este offer easy access to buses which can take you to nearby sites such as Salto Monday and the Itaipu Hydroelectric plant.

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