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Walking through the camp you can tell who is at home Guangzhou Metro Map because their door curtains are rolled up or tied aside. I met two girls with copper Guangzhou Metro Map -coloured hair. For a moment I thought it was the sun playing tricks but when they beckoned me over I realised that the colour was real. The girls told me it wasn’t that rare, a few others in different communes also have that colouring. But it was curious because I’d grown so accustomed to only seeing black-haired Chinese that I thought of them almost as freaks. It didn’t look like a pigment deficiency, more likely a throwback to some previous generation of ancestors.

Within minutes, Second Assistant Chief, Jacob Kaiser, arrived on the scene. This is where the eyewitness accounts become confusing. Some reports indicated rescuers couldn’t open the front door to assist the people because bodies blocked the door.

Yet other witness accounts indicated that rescuers opened the doors but couldn’t remove the bodies because of the horrific tangle of human limbs. Looking at the huge mass on the stairs it was hard to tell where one body ended and another began.

The stairs where 74 people, mostly children, lost their lives.

Bodies were stacked to the ceiling.

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