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Bavaria is a tourist center for Germany, with good reason. The people are gemutlich, more congenial, the mountains more pleasant, the forest more agreeable and then thereare those fairy tale palaces that inspired Disney and his Cinderella Castles. King Ludwig II, who built these best known of the Bavarian palaces, may have been mad but he was also an architectural genius.

October 8, 1692. Reverend Sir, Your’s Essen/D¼sseldorf Map Tourist Attractions I received the other day, and am very ready to serve you to my uttmost. I Essen/D¼sseldorf Map Tourist Attractions should be very loath to bring myself into any snare by my freedom with you, and therefore hope that you will put the best construction on what I write, and secure me from such as would interprett my lines otherwise than they are designed. Obedience to lawfull authority I evermore accounted a great duty; and willingly I would not practise any thing that might thwart and contradict such a principle.

Too many are ready to despise dominions, and speak evil of Dignities; and I am sure the mischiefs, which arise from a factious and rebellious spirit, are very sad and notorious; insomuch that I would sooner bite my finger’s ends than willingly cast dirt on authority, or any way offer reproach to it: Far, therefore, be it from me, to have any thing to do with those men your letter mentions, whom you acknowledge to be men of a factious spirit, and never more in their element than when they are declaiming against men in public place, and contriving methods that tend to the disturbance of the common peace. I never accounted it a credit to my cause, to have the good liking of such men.

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