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What to Buy in New York

Bargains. There’s always some kind of sale going on in New York. The Sunday papers are filled with ads on current ones. If you don’t find what you’re looking for. check out the specialized discount shops and the bargain departments of the big stores. Dedicated and experienced bargain-hunters can try their luck on Orchard Street (see p. 48), where they can haggle over the prices.

Cameras, calculators, radios etc. Most of them are Japanese but the price tags reflect New York cut-rate practices.

Clothing. The prodigious array of ready-to-wear clothes will impress all but the most hardened shopper. French designers and American couturiers hang side by side in the high-fashion boutiques. And next door you’ll find copies produced for less affluent customers. Visitors from abroad appreciate American men’s shirts well made, low-priced and sized according to neck and sleeve length. They find suits and accessories attractive buys too.

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