Japan Subway Map

Since about 1970 the Japanese have become major world travelers. Cameras at the ready, they are likely to appear in groups, taking advantage of package tours. The island of Guam is known as a honeymoon island for the Japanese. Several of the major hotels in Hawaii are Japanese owned and the Japanese comprise a large percentage of Hawaiian visitors. Australia and New Zealand are also favorite pleasure-travel destinations.

In Tokyo the big tourist sights are the Imperial Palace and the Meijii Shrine. The modern pulse of Tokyo is felt in the Ginza, Tokyo’s major shopping center and number one nightspot. Though only an eighth of a mile square, it has more than eleven hundred bars and five hundred restaurants. The modern hotels of the city are the same high rises found in Occidental cities, with equally high tariffs.

Tokyo has several very large hotels. The highest is the Klio Plaza, forty-five stories. The New Otani has 2,057 rooms, the Klio Plaza, fifteen hundred. The Shinjuki has thirteen hundred. The Imperial Hotel, which replaced the original Imperial designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, has 1,130 rooms. In 1984 the Japanese Hotel association (JHA) had 338 members.

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