Ireland Travel Destinations

Ireland Travel Destinations


A hostel bed will average ‚12-18 in the Republic and UK&7-12 in the North. An Oige (an OYJ), the HI affiliate, operates 32 hostels countrywide. (01 830 4555; One-year membership ‚25, under-18 ‚10.50.) Many An

ACCOMMODATIONS under ‚15 ‚15-24 ‚25-39 ‚40-54 over ‚55

6ige hostels are in remote areas or small villages and were designed primarily to serve hikers, long-distance bicyclists, anglers, and others seeking nature, and do not offer the social environment typical of other European hostels. The North’s HI affiliate is HINI (Hostelling International Northern Ireland; formerly known as YHANI). It operates only eight hostels, all comfortable, ( 028 9031 5435; One-year membership UKS13, under-18 UK&6.) A number of hostels in Ireland belong to Independent Holiday Hostels (IHH; 01 836 4700; Most of the 140 IHH hostels have no lockout or curfew, accept all ages, require no membership card, and have a comfortable atmosphere that generally feels less institutional than that at An Oige hostels; all are Bord Failte-approved. Numerous B&Bs, in virtually every Irish town, can provide a luxurious break from hostelling; expect to pay ‚20-30 UK&12-20 for singles and ‚35-50UKS.22-32 for doubles. Full Irish breakfasts are often filling enough to get you through to dinner. Camping in Irish State Forests and National Parks is not allowed; camping on public land is permissible only if there is no official campsite nearby. Sites cost ‚5-13, depending on the level of luxury. Northern Ireland treats its campers royally; there are well- equipped campsites throughout ( 3-8).


FOOD under ‚5 ‚5-9 ‚10-14 ‚15-19 over ‚20

Food in Ireland is expensive, but the basics are simple and filling. Find quick and I : greasy staples at chippers (fish n’ chip shops) and takeaways (takeout joints). :.

Most pubs serve food like Irish stew, burgers, soup, and sandwiches. Soda bread , is delicious and keeps well, and Irish cheeses are addictive. Guinness, a rich, IS~” f dark stout, is revered in Ireland with a zeal usually reserved for the Holy Trinity. Known as the dark stuff’ or the blonde in the black skirt,” it was once reconv mended as food for pregnant mothers, and its head is so thick its rumored that I S v .. you can stand a match in it. Irish whiskey, which Queen Elizabeth once claimed 1 was her only true Irish friend, is sweeter than its Scotch counterpart. Irish monks invented whiskey, calling it uisce beatha, meaning water of life. Ordering at an Irish pub is a somewhat traditional process. When in a small group, one individual will usually approach the bar and buy a round of drinks for everyone. Once those drinks are downed, another individual will buy the next round. This continues until everyone has bought a round. It’s considered poor form to refuse someone’s offer to buy you a drink.

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