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ENGLISH CHANNEL AND IRISH SEA FERRIES. Ferries are frequent and depend able. The main route across the English Channel, from England to France, is Dover- Calais. The main ferry port on the southern coast of England is Portsmouth, which has connections to France and Spain. Ferries also cross the Irish Sea, connecting Northern Ireland with Scotland and England, and the Republic of Ireland with Wales. For more info on sailing (or hovering) in this region, see By Boat from the UK and Ireland, 44, or

NORTH AND BALTIC SEA FERRIES. Ferries in the North Sea are reliable and cheap. For info on ferries heading across the North Sea to and from the UK, see 44. Baltic Sea ferries service routes between Poland and Scandinavia.

Polferries: Poland ®48 94 35 52 102; Ferries run from Poland to Denmark and Sweden.

Color Line: Norway ® 47 22 94 44 00; Offers ferries from Norway to Denmark, Germany, and Sweden.

Silja Line: US sales ® 800-533-3755; Finland ®09 18041; Helsinki to Stockholm (16hr.) and Rostock, Germany (23-25hr., June to mid-Sept.). Also Turku to Stockholm (lOhr.).

DFDS Seaways: US ® 800-533-3755; Offers routes within Scandi navia and from Scandinavia to England or Germany.

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