Wanna see us everyone hey, it’s not really morning, it’s like 11 a.

m. here, but. I’m in Mendoza Argentina.

And the first thing. I realized is that people eat really late here in Argentina like 11:00 breakfast lunch like for dinners like 10:00 p.m.


. So something. I’m getting used to so.

I stopped a little outdoor cafe or breakfast. I’m gonna show, you what. I got mainly this store is actually a chain.

I’ve found it quite a bit here Havana’s see Havana’s. So we’ve got a cafe solo for me or Cafe con Leche if you are not allergic to milk orange juice. And we have Midlands or croissants they’re croissants, but they’re like sweet.

I don’t know they’re they’re different than like typical croissants cuz they have this like sweet outer coating on it which. I’m not sure what it is. I think, it’s some sort of sugar or like a honey, but yeah.

So two middle UN’s orange juice cafe solo or copic on that shape happy lunchtime. So today in the dosa. I stopped off at this little light.

I guess behind like a cafe a little lunch spot here on the pass. And then. So what is it this street name sto Simon Furman pyramid dog that runs like the Main Street what.

I have for lunch yeah is. I’ve got this, but Terri Ann Woll vegan sandwich sandwich looks like here at Argentina, it’s a very interesting thing, but inside we’ve got to caramelize onions there’s pumpkin there is mushrooms. And there’s some arugula which.

I’m going to put on there when I make it plus. I’m probably gonna put some sauces – we got here we got ketchup what’s this I’ll probably put some mustard I’ll definitely finish it in there.

So I’ll do like a muster to catch up. And maybe I’ll do some salsa if there is no it hey in here, but yeah what’s up with that sandwich and I’ve also got a lovely Bond aqua, this is calm gas.

So it means a sparkling water because. I which is sparkling waters. I don’t know where this obsession came went but.

I love our water. So duh sparkly water sandwich let’s eat this lunch verdict you’re lying, it’s great mind, you, it’s not like. I’m like a connoisseur of wine so.

I really don’t know what’s really good wine all right good evening guys. So for dinner we have stopped off at, but but loved. And says grill.

And bar area um, it’s basically one of the many Italian like restaurants on this street. I don’t know why there’s. So many like Italian looking restaurants, but we are going to enjoy why we order vegetables.

And he ordered steak all right so. I’ve ordered a salad of various items they got some avocado we have grilled eggplant we got the pumpkin lettuce and, this is a tomato vinaigrette. I just basil thanks to somewhere maybe, it’s no lettuce it looks really healthy.

And full of vegetables. I’m super excited to eat it because. I’ve eaten a lot of bread today super-excited yum-yum-yum yeah.

And then, this is okay what if the order, this is supposed to be an appetizer, but master it is a vegetable pin yeah Pinella not cannot vegetable panache what just looks like. I’m literally just an assortment of vegetables. I play, but lots of the vegetables yes for help yes yes yes yes yes.

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