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Greetings from Cairns Australia this is a really big week, I’m heading back to school. But I just hang in school, I’m going to dive school to learn how to scuba at the Great Barrier Reef first I gotta figure out how to get to class let’s go I checked into the deep-sea divers den scuba school, and Cairns where I had two full days of instruction with a great group of first-timers, and a dive instructor named ollie can you say that again, I’m a lot louder most of day one was spent in the classroom reading posts, and taking tests. But on day two we suited up, and jumped in the pool to get some first-hand lessons in practice just like that we were ready for the most part here we go out to sea permission to come aboard captain Dhara hi we made the long journey out to the reef, and then transfer it over to a live aboard boat where I’d be staying for the next three nights, and after getting all settled in it was time to go explore the Great Barrier Reef for the first time trainer Aramis I did 15 dives in total witnessing some of the most incredible marine life I’ve ever seen, and just completely getting lost in this vast, and beautiful world. But the most exhilarating dives were the ones that happen after the Sun went down yes that’s a sharp we’re getting in the water with, and there’s a bunch of oh sure they’re only reef sharks. But that’s silhouette, and the pitch-black water will still scare the out of you it doesn’t get any less freaky or amazing the deeper you get either lights from the boat vanished pretty quickly, and soon you’re left with only the glow from your flashlight, and the complete darkness giant trevallies use our lights to track down smaller fish while sleeping turtles, and lionfish hide within the coral the slightest movement catches your attention, and as long as those green eyes are moving away from you you’re in good shape the fear of the unknown mixed with the excitement of heightened senses in the dark made this one of the craziest, and most thrilling things I’ve ever done, and I can’t wait to dive again as long as those sharks keep their distance thank you guys for reading the post I hope you enjoyed it it was an amazing experience to say the least.

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But I know a few of you may be concerned about the environmental aspect of the trip in particular how coral bleaching is affecting the region, and that was my main concern as well to learn from the dive instructors, and also a few marine biologists that I had a chance to speak with about the truth behind the problem, and one guy said it best to me, and it still sticks with me as in 50 years he said the Great Barrier Reef won’t be here anymore, and that’s incredibly disheartening considering how beautiful, and what a treasure this place is. So, I’m not gonna sit up here, and tell you save the ocean or stop global warming on these broad generic terms just to sound more educated or involved than I actually a.m. So I want to leave a bunch of articles, and also initiatives in the description of this post. So you guys can get more educated, and also more involved if you see fit until then if you like the post please give it a thumbs up leave a comment below, and make sure to comment to new posts all the time from Australia, and around the world thank you.

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