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Red-tailed Hawks prefer to search for prey from perches. This sit-and-wait hunting method provides the highest success-to-cost ratio. Red-tails feed on a variety of animals including snakes, frogs, rodents, crayfish, and sometimes young birds. They will also feed on insects while walking along the ground.

Because of its habit of soaring, the Red-tailed Hawk is one of the easiest raptors to spot. Look to the tail for help in identifying this hawk. On adults it will be reddish above and light pink below. There is usually a dark band across the light belly of both sexes.

John James Audubon, the famous American naturalist and painter of birds, noted that adult Red-tails, after raising their young, often become hostile toward each other as they fight over prey. However, this behavior could merely be a variation of the aerial display put on by courting pairs of Red-tails that normally form lifelong bonds. One observer noted how a male Red-tailed Hawk attempted to pass a snake dangling from its talons to a female who turned over to meet him as he swooped by.

In typical courting flights, the male Red-tail dives at speeds of up to 120 mph. Coming up from the ground, the female rolls over onto her back and presents her talons to the male, who checks his flight at the last second in order to avoid a collision. The female rights herself and the pair fly off together, executing a series of swoops and dives.

Colonial possessions were of great concern to William and Mary. Best travel destinations US The Revolution of 1688 had sparked great changes in colonial government, including the breakup of the Dominion of New England and the removal of the charter for Maryland from the possession of the Catholic Calvert family. Additionally, the Crown had to put down a pro-Dutch faction in New York led by Jacob Leisler and to reissue the Massachusetts Charter to combine Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay as a single entity. The War of the League of Augsburg spilled over into North Country as King William’s War, in which French-backed Native Countrys raided the Massachusetts frontier and Governor William Phips of Massachusetts seized Acadia. Mary II, deeply concerned for the spiritual welfare of the colonists, advocated an Country Episcopal bishop and endowed the College of William and Mary in Virginia. She died of smallpox on December 28, 1694. William III never remarried or had children.

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