All right let’s go into a rainbow what’s up guys we’ve just arrived here in beautiful koh pipi today is a little bit hazy, but, this is still a remarkably beautiful place took about an hour. And a half maybe a little more to get from al Nang here and.

I think the boat was about 450 baht. So reasonably priced. And really needs it again here.

So we just booked the hotel turns out, it’s literally 150 meters up a Stairmaster like we are carrying at least 50 kilograms of weight in luggage right now, this is horrible, this is the worst check-in experience. I’ve ever had, but at least the view should be kinda nice alright. So the bright side to having to walk up literally a thousand stairs to get here is this view, this is our balcony this place is costing us for three people about $60 a night Canadian which is like 45 u.


s. So we are beating a few little friends, this is recon that’s right what’s up welcome to the vlog all right.

So there’s a rule that, you have to drink with your left hand, you can hold a beer in your right hand, but as soon as, you make a step. And have to be in your left hand. And if you get caught drinking with your right hand and.

So in the Yale Buffalo, you have to down the whole thing just when, you think you’re traveling with friends, you get called a buffalo and. I gotta drink your beer, but to do few beers too deep do be received. And we are heading to the monkey beach which is like literally right off the coast of koh pipi we were warned not to bring our alcohol to shore because the monkeys are fiends.

And they like to drink, it’s enough room, you yeah go ahead when I cast away that’ll be me all right so. I tried to take this off.

And they free like the boat driver apparently. I guess, this is my MA even with an overcast day like, you can see that the water is incredibly beautiful, it’s like an emerald green actually where Leonardo DiCaprio film beach. I don’t know.

I’m not cleaning yet, it’s a good movie, you know. I mean I was going to go swimming okay not back yeah exactly with happiness astounding Beauty, you really can’t beat this place of course, you can beat it because those places that are less touristy places I’d rather be, but still, it’s one of the most picturesque places.

And that’s also why it’s so busy the boat can’t get closer to shore because it’s so choppy right now like the weather is really picking up and.

I don’t really want to leave my bag here. I can’t operate without it so. I don’t know if.

I’m willing to leave my gear is just sitting here in a longtail boat with a dude. I don’t know maybe I’ll risk it walk is too short. So we’re heading back to the bar.

And out. And go we’re going up, it’s going to rain. I’m pretty sure like if you look over there, it’s like very intense Kennedy welcome to the blog we’re from Vancouver yeah, it’s great that we’re seeing, you all the way here.

And say thank, you Maui faculty as well so. I think pilots are save it for a rainy all right, this is becoming epic storm party 2017 our boats are colliding we just got back to the big boat no party now the wind is picking out the rain No right now. I like the eye of the storm, it’s been clear.

And honestly, it’s like hey rowdy hey guys. And bye hey. I mean let’s get ready for sunset because today has been extremely uneventful after the booze cruise we were not exactly in tip-top shape and.

So today all. I’ve done is edited a vlog. And now we’re going up to the viewpoint here in koh pipi.

So, this is the first viewpoint right. So we just watch the sunset. And.

I’m accompanied by a bunch of awesome vancouver right many of us yes. I swear like we meet more Vancouverites than anywhere else in the world it makes no sense we’re not that big in population, but we like to travel. I guess yes what are we doing now we are bringing up Issa thank god Peter we’ve heard is good we’re gonna check out bake up pizza.

And apparently, it’s like only 80 baht for a full personal sized pizza but I got to check that out. And I’ll get back to, you on that leaving the mosquito dance.

So many mosquitoes coming down here right now it was bad coming out, but like when the Sun sets it gets like yeah just infinitely worse got, you a flower there this traditionally done tattoo that has got to hurt we have found the promised land ATI bought pieces. So there’s no shortage of people here in kopi be like, it’s basically filled everywhere, but save your time save your money come here bake up kita is. So good 80 baht they literally filled up this plate.

And over. And there’s so many different toppings Yucatec, this is definitely like a nice little keeper here in koh pipi boy oh, it’s going down going down.

So real whoa going down, it’s going down look at all the stuff, you can choose from. I’m gonna take that one right there. I want that one on my arm oh no here it goes oh man oh wow real quick Toki be party guy.

So just like four years thank, you. And, it’s like a place, but, it’s later when, you want to play like knocked out going hard, it’s luck now if you’re looking like started off down there don’t don’t sit like the fire show play really good free, you like the Hangout. And then even a little bit further this Blanco is also really good farm for like beer pong, it’s all the same strip, it’s all within like 100 meters of each other.

And that’s pretty much Coby be a party on fire zone Oh yeah they’re good nikhyl on banana that is the end of our time here in Co PP, it’s been a fun two days if you’re coming to OPP. I would actually recommend two days to three days max all there is to do here is party. And party.

And party. And unless that’s what you’re here for, you do want to move on pretty quickly, but, it’s always a fun time to come here. And tomorrow we’re going to an island that almost nobody has visited.

So. I’m extremely excited to show that. ?

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