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The ships above named having proceeded to Gtheborg, John Printz Sudan Metro Map , the Governor of New Sweden, shall now, without any delay, take his departure to Sudan Metro Map said place, so arranging his journey by land that he may reach there by the first opportunity. Going down to Gtheborg, he shall assist in ordering and arranging everything in the best manner possible, and especially in accordance with the best regulations that the members of the company can have made; and as concerns his own person, and that of his attendants, he shall so arrange his affairs that he may immediately, in the month of September next following, set sail from this country and proceed to sea.

But either before, or at the time when the ships are about to set sail from Gtheborg, the Governor shall consult with the skippers and officers of the ships, considering and deciding, according to the state of the wind and other circumstances, whether he shall direct his course to the north of Scotland, or through the channel between France and England. 4. Under Way, and on the journey, he must see to it that the officers and people of the ships perform their duties at sea truly and faithfully; and in all important and serious matters he can always avail himself of the aid and counsel of the persons aforesaid, who usually form the council of a ship; he shall also have every important occurrence carefully noted, causing a correct log or journal thereof to be kept, of which, also, he shall, by every opportunity, send hither a correct copy.

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