Charlie’s Kitchen US Map & Phone & Address

10 Eliot St. Cambridge; (617) 492-9646

Charlie’s Kitchen is one of those places that seems completely wrong for its surroundings; it’s the opposite of almost every other restaurant in Harvard Square. Nestled among chic boutiques, across from the Charles Hotel, Charlie’s is strictly a townie joint, where the long bar with sports blaring on the TV takes at least equal prominence with the dining booths. But don’t be put off by its appearance; the guys are friendly and the waitress will call you hon.

The menu sticks to basics, with food that sticks to your ribs. Just about everything on the menu, from chicken to beef to pork chops, is in the $5 to $7 price range. Burgers, of course, are a mainstay here; the patties are the pre-formed kind, but they’re cooked on a flame grill. Add a bottle of Sam Adams and you can’t go wrong.

Another good thing to know is that you can eat here late. Well, late is a relative term; until midnight, anyway. It’s strictly greasy spoon, but clean; and sometimes, after pushing your way through the crowds that have inexplicably gathered around some streetcomer mime, a joint like Charlie’s can be just the sort of antidote you need in Le Square. Open daily.

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