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Michelle, a member of the team, said she’d heard a voice right around the time Matt had mentioned Roy’s name.

Matt called up to Bev in the balcony to see if she’d said anything or heard anything. She told him no, but her EMF meter flashed to red at the same time Matt’s KII hit.

That was curious. Was Roy with us? Matt asked Roy a series of questions, without obvious response or further EMF hits. It was a bit disappointing but not discouraging.

EMF fluctuations can occur naturally and don’t always represent a paranormal event. It’s only when the EMF consistently fluctuates in relation to a question that paranormal may be suspect. This segment of the audio would need to be reviewed for any response to validate the fluctuations.
Deforestation is so widespread and complete, in fact, that Best place to travel to in Hawaii the boundary between Haiti and the Dominican Republic is one of the few in the world that is Best place to travel to in Hawaii clearly visible from satellites. Some areas of the country are being turned into a semidesert environment. Desertification is occurring as a result of land clearing, overgrazing, and farming marginal soils, particularly in Haiti’s drier areas. Pollution is widespread in nearly all heavily populated areas. The country and its citizens simply cannot afford adequate facilities for the sanitary disposal of garbage, sewage, This satellite image of the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic shows a clear line of deforestation. Haiti is depleting its forests in order to produce fuel.

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