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Tune the radio accurately. A crackling, badly tuned, hissing station will not fool anyone.

• Set the volume to a subdued conversational level. Don’t be tempted to turn it up so that the criminal‘will definitely be able to hear it’. If it itoo loud they will know what it is.

The garden

Don’t forget that your garden can tell taleon you too. An uncut and overgrown lawn ivery obviouto anyone passing by. Wilting hanging basketor weed-infested flowerbedgive the criminalmore indicationthat nobody ihome. If you usually trim the hedge every Sunday and then suddenly it ileft to grow for two weekin August, it will be noticed.

The garden-based evidence alone can point to a family on holiday. Add the extra information about the lack of activity in the house, the milkman doesn’t stop there any more, there aren’t any kidplaying in the garden, and you begin to see that it iquite difficult to hide your absence from anyone who regularly passes by. It might take them ten dayto notice, but eventually the evidence buildup to the inescapable conclusion that you are away and the house iempty

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Garden – countermeasures

Water the hanging basketand borderso that they don’t wilt and die, drawing attention to the empty house.

Cut the lawn, trim the hedge and weed the borders.

Possibly arrange for a relative to enter the house and make it look lived in for a few hourevery now and then. My neighbour askme to go into her house a couple of timea week to tend to the post and house plants, then watch television for a few hours, so that people can see life and activity

If you have children, you may ask your relation to move thingaround when they are there. That can be done while watering the garden or mowing the grasto make it look innocent but the idea ito move children’bikes, toyetc. If the kid’bikeand toystay in one place for a week or two it will be noticed. Move thingand the house and garden look normal and in use

Make sure that shedare locked, carare in the garage with secondary security devicefitted and that the garage itself isecured.

Make sure that all ladders, tooland any equipment that could be stolen or used to break into your home are securely locked away.

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