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Turn right at the T-junction and follow Sea Road Munich Map Tourist Attractions . Soon you reach the Ship pub, outside which is a bus stop with regular buses available Munich Map Tourist Attractions to Hastings should you wish to forgo the final mile away from the coast into the main village of Winchelsea. If you wish to continue, walk on along the road for about 200 yards, then look out for a phone box on the left-hand side of the road. Immediately beside the phone box is a grassy footpath heading north-westwards away from the road, and you follow this path. It is a most pleasant stroll, with excellent views to Winchelsea which is now almost on top of you, as well as the shoreline and cliffs you have just left behind. You also briefly follow the bank of what is one of numerous watercourses on the levels between Winchelsea Beach and Winchelsea.
Of course, our focus was the Old Allegan Jail Museum. In 1906 it became the city’s third jailhouse and served in that capacity until 1963. That’s when the current prison, situated right across the street, was built.

The old jail not only housed prisoners but was also home to the sheriff and his family. The front, two-story section of the building served as the residence while the back, three-story building was the prison. It was built to hold approximately 31 prisoners.

Back in those days the sheriff’s wife played an important role in managing the jail and its prisoners. She was usually given the task of preparing and serving inmate meals. It was hard work with long hours and offered incredibly low wages.

Over the years, the prison held some rather unsavory characters from murderers and rapists to the dangerously insane. The dedication of the sheriffs and their wives was remarkable, especially considering their children were nearby and not far from harm’s way.

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