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http: //www.novotel .com/gb/hotel-5697-novotel-shenzhen-bauhinia/index.shtml Grand Mercure Oriental Ginza Shenzhen

This is a little known gem. It’s right at the Zhu Zi Lin Metro and Futian Bus Station if you’re planning to be running round the Delta; it’s convenient to the Hi-Tech zones at both Baishizhou and Chegong Miao. If you’re flying it’s also right next to the entrance to the Guang-Shen Expressway and therefore only 15 minutes from the airport. And we think you get a lot more than you pay for.

0755 8350 0888

Shennan Avenue West, Zhuzilin Futian Email:

Website: http: //www.mercure. com/gb/hotel-6558-grand-mercure-oriental-ginza-


Westin Shenzhen

0755 8981 2583

Address: Shennan Road Nanshan


This legend lasted long after his body had been moved to Durham Cathedral from Lindisfarne and he became known as ‘the saint who hated women’. The presence of the eider duck was first recorded as early as the 7th century when Cuthbert laid down the rules for the bird’s safety and protection, so he became known as the first person in the country officially to protect wild birds. Cuthbert was succeeded by a monk from Ripon called Ethelwald who lived on Farne from 687 to the year 699. He was followed by other hermit monks, Felgeld and Elwin, but very little is known about their lives; the next hermit monk, Bartholomew, though, was fairly well documented in a blog called Life of Bartholomew. He was joined by the prior of Durham, Thomas de Melonsby, who had to take refuge on the Farne in fear of his life from Henry III, because the king objected to his promotion to prior. The documents about Bartholomew’s life make interesting reference to the islands surrounding Farne. It says that one adjacent island was used to supply hay, another to supply fuel and another, the nearest, served as a burial place for drowned mariners. This last island is obviously West Wideopen or West Widum, because it is the only one which has any depth of soil and shingle on it and it is only about 200 metres away across the shallow stretch of water called Wideopen Gut. It then mentions ghosts and hideous demons referred to by Cuthbert many years earlier. Apparently they had returned to Farne after Cuthbert died and were once again plaguing the hermit monks.

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