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Our tour guide for the evening was James Doherty, great grandson of Alfred J. Doherty. There was a certain pride in Jim as he talked about his family and the hotel. Over the years they have expanded the lodging to 157 rooms and added more conference areas along with other amenities, including an indoor pool and wireless Internet. Yet, through all the changes, the integrity and charm of the original building remains.

Their restaurant was full when we arrived and is known throughout the region for its service and food. They provide guests with breakfast, lunch and dinner from a very diverse menu.

James suggested we begin the tour in the basement and motioned to a door just off the main lobby. We entered into the first portion of the basement, which contained the men’s bathroom. Recently updated, it was bright and cheerful. That would soon change as he ushered us into yet another door and a maze-like series of dark hallways and side rooms

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