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The fenced-in patio at Dog Bar welcomes off-leash dogs and their owners for drinks.

Fans of live music might be disappointed to discover that the Queen City is not often included as a tour stop for major music acts; Raleigh and Atlanta are the closest cities that host touring music acts. But the local scene is still thriving and there are venues around Charlotte that excel at showcasing emerging talent.



300 N. College St., #101, 704/372-3553,

HOURS: Mon.-Fri. 11 A.M.-2 A.M., Sat. 5 P.M.-2 A.M., Sun. 10 A.M.-2:30 P.M. Map 1

During the day, Cosmo’s serves up some of the best salads and wood-fired pizzas in the Queen City. The restaurant also served the Kintaro Burger, a 16-ounce Kobe beef patty stuffed with braised beef tenderloin, foie gras, and black truffle ($34.95), for adventurous eaters. At night, the bar is the main attraction. The music is turned up, doormen and velvet ropes appear outside, and the circular bar in the center of the space is standing-roomonly. There isn’t a DJ or a dance floor and there are rarely raucous crowds looking to get their drink on; Cosmo’s is ofen the first stop before a night of club-hopping in Uptown. The martinis are award-winning, and even on the busiest night the bartenders are fast and attentive.

1663 King Charles II rewards the political allies who helped him San Jose Map Tourist Attractions to the throne in 1660 by naming eight of them lords proprietors of the new province of Carolina San Jose Map Tourist Attractions . The charter granted by Charles II defines Carolina broadly as the territory stretching from the present Virginia-North Carolina border to below Spanish St. Augustine, and from the Atlantic to the Pacific. The lords proprietors are granted expansive powers to govern and design Carolina society. 16641665 A colony is established by John Vassall of Barbados on the Cape Fear River. Other Barbadians and New Englanders join him. The colony does not prosper and is abandoned by the summer of 1667. 1669 The lords proprietors draft the Fundamental Constitutions, trying to establish a hierarchical, orderly society in Carolina. For a time, the colonial legislature loses its power to initiate legislation. The Fundamental Constitutions undergo constant revision and are never fully enacted by the colonists. 1677 Culpeper’s Rebellion strikes Albemarle County. Upset with misgovernment and a tax on tobacco, the area’s most profitable export, a group of angry colonists jail and try the colony’s governor, John Miller. Though Miller escapes and flees to England, Culpeper’s Rebellion succeeds in reestablishing representative government. The proprietors respond first by appointing an incompetent and corrupt governor, and later by abandoning the Fundamental Constitutions altogether.

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