Map of Hoi An Vietnam

Hello hello welcome to Hoi An the beautifully preserved 17 to 19th century unesco world heritage site little Township here in Vietnam yes it was a port back in vain. And he goes down.

And then it kind of got preserved because it was good though. And now, it’s just a beautiful beautiful tourist connection city tour over a nice way how, you doing. I’m back it actually my own aircon is bike get a little dream just bring it up to us Oh dream killing.

Map of Hoi An Vietnam Photo Gallery

So here is plan. So now one boy ad is famous for the TaylorMade everyday. So right now we’re jelly’s.

And this or, you can get one of two suits like that. And those. And, it’s kind of really crazy pretty much anything, you want, you get made like look at all these oh my gosh there’s.

So many different fabrics, you choose from these fabrics. And. I’m gonna get like a pantsuit what are, you guys gonna get, this is crazy look, you can get women’s leather jackets me oh that’s kind of actually cool alright guys right now.

I’m picking out. I’m getting a lovely suit made for myself. I’m gonna do a nice gray kind of plaid what would, you call that pattern alright gray yes paranoid it is be dark gray dark gray.

And and purple inside. So a little bit of girly, but a little a class still. And gonna be a pink shirt me with it, it’s double time yeah we’re at the meet sewing temple just outside away.

And in Vietnam awesome is there about thousand-year-old temples yes. And mission is the mode button place Holy Land with a time to be more than 77 Hindu temple from the fourth century through the 13th century, you only one goal. And the door friends of the east direction some right a recent of John Lieber beliefs the east direction is where they were come from, this is another part of the temples, but uh there’s not really much to see here because this was actually bombed during the Vietnam War there was a really big temple here, but now, it’s just kind of ruins the kitchen.

So Wow. I’m told to thank la cartera Vietnamese cooking class we’re gonna learn, it’s them its popular traditional bit musicians, it’s the awesome, you guys know what it sucks at last Christine hi hey. And Allah.

And show, you man, you suck – the twin papaya salad all right. So here’s my forgot chicken stuck together a bit too much. And chives in so.

I kind of just like my piggy well socks cause it absolutely delicious kick amazing spice man that’s fine. ?

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