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Blue Lagoon, Iceland’s top geothermal spa, is rich in natural silica and blue-green algae, great for your joints as well as your skin. Surrounded by black lava fields, the milky blue waters originate 2,000m below the ground and are a toasty 37-40°C, so you won’t get chilly, even if there’s snow around you. Order a healthy smoothie from the swim-up bar, slather on the silica-rich geothermal mud from tubs around the lagoon and keep the vibe going with spa or massage treatments when you emerge. PRICE: From £528 for three nights’ B&B at the Blue Lagoon Inn with Discover the World ( Includes one transfer and one Blue Lagoon entry.


For the ultimate city spa, head to Budapest where the beautiful art deco Gellert Bath and Spa sees turquoise porcelain Zsolnay tiles adorn five indoor thermal pools and two immersion pools plus one for swimming. Outside, there’s another thermal bath and wave pool. Sourced from natural springs deep within the Gellert Hill, the mineralrich water – containing sodium, calcium, magnesium, hydrogen carbonate and sulphate chloride – eases joint pain and inflammation, and there are also mud treatments and steam inhalations on offer. Stay at the on-site Danubius Hotel Gellert for direct, private access, plus a 30 per cent discount on entry.

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There’s nothing like the achievement of scaling a mountain or completing a challenge to give you the confidence to make changes in your life. If you’re lacking motivation, these exhilarating wellness experiences will give you the kick you need to get yourself up and at it. Many hotels offer adventures combined with spa or holistic therapies to help you relax and get to the bottom of any underlying problems you may have.


Develop your love and confidence of the outdoors while bonding with other female adventurers on the new, guided, women-only adventures from Wilderness Scotland. The trips, designed to empower and connect intrepid female travellers, include wilderness walking, mountain biking and sea kayaking. On Sea Kayaking in the Summer Isles (June 22), you’ll spend five-nights exploring little-known deserted islands, wild coastlines and white-sand beaches. You’ll paddle through crystal-


Looking for a festival with a difference? The Faroe Islands’ Utiliv Adventure Festival is a five-day trail -running, music and adventure event with a challenging twist. Runners can choose from the 10k, half marathon, marathon or ultra trail (60km) distances and follow ancient paths, cairns, sheep trails, boggy or rough terrain and even scramble off-piste. Watersport lovers will take on unforgiving waves and hidden surf breaks and you’ll all get to party in a traditional Faroese 400-year-old wooden barn or a wooden schooner boat, in Torshavn’s picturesque harbour.

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