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The London East End is the place to be right now in the english capital. This is why we are meeting up today with Alicia who is a tv presenter, a blogger and lives in London. So what we gonna do? The East End is about food, vintage fashion and Street Art this is what we are searching for. Let’s go! The East End of London is an area east of the Roman and medieval walled city of London and it’s characterized by its diverse cultures. We started our discovery with a food toour to experience the district’s fascinating immigrant stories through tasting it’s cuisine starting with London’s best bacon sandwich.

City Guide London East End Food Tour Streetart and Markets Photo Gallery

Afterwards we also had a traditional pudding, cheese. and of course some spicy Indian Curry right at the Brick Lane. To work off those calories we were walking the streets of the area and got introduced to its history and many quirky sights. My personal highlights of the tour have been traditional fish & chips at Poppies as well as the most famous bagel shop this side of the Atlantic. After finishing the tour with a salty caramel cake it was time to explore some street art. The Shoreditch area is full of incredible, dynamic artworks of well-known artists like Roa and Banksy. Next: one of the many vintage shops.

You never know what you can find here. Steve’s family album! Especially on Sundays a walk around tje East End should be on your list due to the many markets you can find here! It’s a wrap! But I guess it was just a glimpse. Yeah. short but sweet! Do you feel like a true East Londoner now? I tried on Glasses and Hats but I’m not wearing them yet! I guess have to come back 🙂 That’s this post. Make sure to check out Alicias blog and comment to this blog! Thanks also to only apartments for providing one at their London apartments for me and my friends! If you enjoyed this post give us a thumbs up, comment and share it with your friends! See you next time!

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