Best Beach Day in Puerto Vallarta

We’re off to the beach again is that thunder the storm is coming would we swim in the rain that would be called swimming in the rain got all the stuff yep here we got a chair an umbrella, and a bag with some water you should be good to go, and this is Diego you haven’t seen him yet say hi Diego you you Oh I tried to serve I failed even in failure suspect I miserably failed, and the song in my name, and my family, and my cane.

Best Beach Day in Puerto Vallarta Photo Gallery

So dramatic why am I. So care maybe. Because your good night way late in the company we’re not putting that in the post I was putting him in the post it was okay you’re the worst of posts Hey from Fred Martha for Cathy the last time from now vacation is over, and I’ve had such a great time here, and I really just love the atmosphere, and everything here it was so cool all the stuff that we did, and I had such a great time. So now we save the guy if you’re not going to be in the post then you can’t cross he doesn’t want to be in the post. But he’s like talking over anyway I had a great time with Rebecca, and aha Oh.

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