How’re you doing today it is a chilly one today, and we’re going on our first Seattle tour we’re gonna go check out some Falls, and see a bit more of the city yeah we should be back lunch time we just got to squall of be leave in about Oh like the squealing I mean it’s um anyway it’s what for really adds to the you look out against I should really go find this time. But the manner of the fools these people are probably gonna want to know the name, I’m gonna go find a name a sign for the name we are at are you ready all you got ah snow qual me falls there you go the reason of this is the largest waterfalls theme by the way, I’m Stephen now you don’t taking photos very spot the Steven taken more photos Steven I just realize these are probably the this is like probably the largest waterfall we’ve ever seen this makes me wanna go see like very pretty statue Gilbert to tip the team not working in the double chin it’s you behind you found all the internet trolls I was gonna say that they they knew you’re coming Stephen. So they made a sculpture of you it’s called the fremont troll, and the troll is on troll Avenue, and under a bridge, and here’s the other troll.

WATERFALLS, and GIANT TROLLS Seattle USA Photo Gallery

So some free chocolate tasting sounds good fine got a big one those dark chocolate ginger try ginger chopped that oh that’s really bit off that’s ginger chocolate life chili try the chili I meant a spicy just like normal chocolate not I mean up no there comes a day yeah thing comes afterwards oh it was after he go like adopts another canal dog women like water level is higher than the lake level. So they have to fill it up to get the boat up, and get the boats down, and he ran left gonna get through, and there’s all these black dots they are are they called Heron Heron Ness and, I’ll zoom in see if you can see any of the actual birds. Because they are like summer in their nest it’s now getting ready for the spring to have some babies, and summer off I think trying to find more nest materials which i think is pretty cool hopefully they don’t poop on my head. So if you died here in 1994 died in a carriage house that is no longer there Courtney Love is I love that house too. So when a reason to visit yeah I will show you why look at the city here we got the Space Needle, and then we’ve got Mount Rainer is that it right, and rainy mountain right there yeah, and we are at Kerry Park with the best view don’t Kiwi be home it’s in LA to LA, and now we’d be home ah cuz we are hungry for some lunch it’s time three club no one do are hungry always have it’s Britney just a bagel if you asking no wondering gentlement why having a really original lunch it’s uh no more pizza. So wrong wrong wrong. So um you know we waiting planes about double chin that’s an angle we’re gonna have someone grab lunch, and then we’re just gonna have a bit of a lazy day maybe we’ll go out in the afternoon, I’ll see if you’re coming up late Oh what I thinking is we go out in the afternoon light.

But we’ve had a lazy day, and go to a cafe, and do some work at a cafe with a coffee it’s pretty sexy we ever do that our coffee idea turned into a two-hour nanny now it’s now 6:30 if not. But I have heard you native readiness sorry not ready not ready for the na+ one of my favorite movies a little time just came on the TV which will record it’s my favorite Christmas movie he do baby it’s cold outside anyway something kind of cool happened guys when you were falling asleep during the time of us sleeping you something kept cool when we woke up we were like this is cool did you want to say okay. So no I coz happen to you you guys you are the famous one now. So before we started our travel blog there was this Australian travel bloggers from Tasmania who I can’t inspired us to start the blog just when we woke up we found out that she you know personally recommended our blog on her Twitter account which to us is just it was really amazing I really cool. Because that inspires you all that like it gives you inspiration to keep going, and yeah, and it’s really cool getting that recognition from someone you know as prolific as a her name’s Walden Pond elastic you ever checked a travel blog in the last 12 months you would have had a very probably heard of her really cool well show you she recommended us she goes focus just realize at Sperry is from flying the news TV, and I love his, and his girlfriends blog you should all go check it out yay thank you so much Brooke if you ever watch this probably she clearly watches all her folks all the time okay okay she’s good probably gonna be the next person to tweet us, I’m pretty sure it’s scheduled – out-cooked in it’s not sort of decided to go for a little Indian cuisine see it’s just seems – that’s alright I know we just realized my portion size is a little bit small on this yeah usually we get to like the pizzas be pretty good. But we got some likes all this dessert yeah just been editing the post it’s now 12:30 at night. But Nana that kept us going Jake Jake it’s reading my guys.

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